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09/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Hot and Sticky...and not the fun kind"


Dominion said our power would be restored at 11PM last night....LIES!! All of it!! Wouldn't be so horribly annoying if our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS didn't have power....but they DO!! We will simply have to kill them.....and move into their house....they probably have nicer things anyway.....don't worry...we kills the means hobbitss......preciousssssssssssssssss.....

Anyway, I'm at work and somewhat enjoying it....being around such long-forgotten things as LIGHTS and AIR CONDITIONING (sort of...main building is off...server room is a nice 64 degrees) and FANS (god have I missed fans...). Listening to music on the car ride in was nice as well....plus I get to feel what high speed internet is like again...I won't elaborate on that further for those of our readership stuck with the dialing of the up.

This past weekend, obviously, has been the extreme suck. I think the nights are the worst, as the humidity just makes everything feel icky...like you're wrapping a wet towel around you instead of a sheet. That and the fact that your day is effectively over at 8PM as you can't see a damned thing until 7AM. Except those bastards...flauting their powered homes....I hate them so much....

No idea when they will actually restore power to my house...hoping today...but that's been the case for the past four days (roughly). Maybe they meant 11AM-ish *hope*hope*

I must say though, Mr. Ulanti has been Mr. Johnny-on-the-fucking-spot...I mean, I know they're assistants but DAMN, this fucker has been doing everything you can think of....well, short of the services that say an Ally-type figure would provide (no...not those you sickos...well...she can do those too, but that's not what I was referring to *wink*). Alarm clock, flashlight, entertainment, hurricane recovery, you name it and this boy has probably done it. You need to go get yourself one of these things....go! now! must!

Speaking of Ally, sorry about Friday night...the guy at Verizon who was on the bike-powered generator must have fallen asleep, because our phones didn't come back until almost 9AM the next day and then were off and on until Sunday. Didn't MEAN to hang up on you, but Verizon had other thoughts in mind.

Ummm...if I think of anything else, I'll let ya know...to summarize: no power....much the suck...sorry Ally...Ulanti r0xz...

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Glad to hear you made it through that little squall. Thinking of getting some heavy duty (HD) cable and hookin into the neighbores fuse box ? They could afford to power your home for a couple of days ;)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/22/2003 07:58 PM EST

Again: LIARS TO GO HELL! Phone-hanger-upper.

Posted by Ally @ 09/22/2003 08:17 PM EST

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