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09/19/2003 Archived Entry: "The Day After"

So, yes...Krinny managed to survive the storm...wee.

What failed to survive the storm was the power lines, as they are currently pinned under some very large trees. Dominion power has not yet seen fit to remove said trees, so I don't know when they plan on restoring power to this area. Until then, all I have is my laptop and dial-up...ugh. I truly pity those who are stuck with dial-up as a way of life. Yeah, it's great for emergencies...but it's not for everyday use. Kinda like Sterno...

Obviously, not knowing when I'll be able to recharge the batteries, I probably won't be on much until power is restored. But I know everyone who reads this site was worried (except Ally, who couldn't care less if I live or die...j/k! <3 <3), so I figured I'd say "Yes! I survived the storm! No! I don't know when I'll be back!"

Given the above and the widespread damage, my birthday has been kind of a let down. I'll hopefully make it up with an appropriately sized spending spree at World's Best in the near future. I believe this coming week is when the Cadian Heavy Weapons Teams and Officers come out....

Anyway, I'll talk to you all later...feel free to call Dominion power and scream "YOU GET KRINNY'S POWER BACK ON RIGHT NOW!!" Of course, they'll have no idea what the hell you're talking about, which will make it entertaining for me. See you soon (I hope)!

Replies: 2 Witch Burnings

Hey......at least ya got a Birthday card from me. Don't say I never gave you anything :P Oh and how's that bottle of Jack holdin out ??

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/19/2003 06:12 PM EST

DAMNIT! You and your faulty telephone. Hangin' up on Ally = the uncool. :P

Posted by Ally @ 09/20/2003 12:44 AM EST

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