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09/15/2003 Archived Entry: "We're all gonna die!!"

Isbella's coming more or less directly over my house according to the latest projections....so yeah, that's gonna suck! Don't know if the city is going to tell people they have to leave or what...so that'll be a fun scene of chaos.

I dunno, I don't want to stay in the path of a hurricane, but I'm not sure where the hell I can go. Most of the places I can think of are almost as bad as staying put. I'm also worried about my toyz....dont' want them ending up in the Atlantic...they're damned expensive (read: Ally's car didn't cost that much...and her car wasn't cheap).

I guess if they don't make us leave, I won't...but still, if you people don't hear from me in a couple weeks....ummmm....try to come see if I'm dead or something. That's all I can think about to write about....sooo...yeah! Great Birthday present God! Real nice! Meh...hopefully the storm will just go off to sea...or hit Georgia...either of those are fine. hehehe.

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Stop whining right NOW!!!!! Get a bottle of Jack and have a Hurricane party :) You havn't lived till you're inside the eye of a hurricane ;)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/15/2003 07:50 PM EST

hehehe. It's not going to hit Georgia!! You can come stay at Ally's... but I make no guarantees on a welcome party ;) And you gotta leave the toys at home --- no room for 'em here!! :D

Posted by Ally @ 09/17/2003 09:40 AM EST

Suit up Krinny!! Eye of the Tiger, ya know !!!! ;)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/17/2003 07:18 PM EST

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