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09/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Minor Upgrades"

Busy as all hell, sums it up nicely.

However, in the course of some conversations with friends, I've managed to update the hobby section of this website (only took me...like...8 months...). It's under the =I= at the left. Not promising the fonts all look the way they're supposed to, but the pages are there. If you find something amiss or don't like it, please fire off an email to our Official Complaint Department. They will be more than happy to help you.

Carry on...

Replies: 3 Witch Burnings

The complaint department will kill you if you email them. :P

Posted by Ally @ 09/11/2003 06:37 AM EST

Ah, customer service at it's finest :)

Posted by Krin @ 09/11/2003 07:15 AM EST

Wow !! YOU have Friends.???? How Much do you PAY 'em ???

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/11/2003 07:10 PM EST

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