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09/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Weeeeird..."

Ok...nothing of any true interest happened except for one little tidbit...

I know some of the readers of this site put some special significance on dreams. This morning, as some are aware, I did not sleep well...waking up a couple of times with a general feeling of severe sadness and being upset. I normally associate this with nightmares, but I normally don't have them. Basically, the dream involved me and someone who is not well loved by the readers here (well, other than me). We were wandering around some building during a storm, and there was just a feeling that there was something bad going on...though I never really figured out what.

I woke up to be safely in my room...but it just left me with an odd feeling. Well, in conversation later that day, I found out that the person in my dream was in a severe state of emotional distress. Now, I'm not going to go into why she was upset (mainly due to the major idiot in her life...and no, not me for once), but I do find it incredibly...creepy...that I had these bad dreams about her at the same time. For those who put anything special on that, that's a very strange bond...and one that causes me a bit of concern. Here's hoping it's just coincidence.

As I said, that's the only interesting thing going on...

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Spooky. Coincidence? Sounds like more than a spiritual bond....You did bond with her at one time...didn't you? Spooky )

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/07/2003 10:48 PM EST

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