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09/06/2003 Archived Entry: "A more satisfying taste"

Despite comments from the peanut gallery, the blog will go on. We've also dispatched some jack-booted stormtroopers to keep the peace in the aforementioned peanut gallery.

The saga of the A/C appears to be over. Why? Well, mainly because they replaced EVERY SINGLE piece of the A/C system...kind of makes it impossible for it to not work unless they missed something obvious...like a tennis ball in the hose or something. The final bill ended up being like half of what I paid for the car in the first place, but it really became one of those equations where putting more money in was dumb, but going 3/4 of the way and then stopping was even dumber. At least it works and I console myself that not having to pay for labor probably saved me $500+ (yes, it took them that long to get the damned thing fixed). The antenna mast was replaced, but the motor isn't 100% so it doesn't go all the way down still...but it goes further down, so now all the segments are in one place...not perfect, but you have to try a hell of a lot harder to break six segments than you do to break one.

Let's see...what else, what else...I'm working on a new hobby page to go up here, nothing terribly exciting. Got some new shelves out in the hall so I moved a lot of toy boxes out there, enabling me to actually see the floor in my room now. Got some more toyz primered and started work on the rest of the platoon of Cadians.

Only 12 more shopping days till my birthday! Go out and get me something nice! I highly recommend going here for all your Krinny-present needs. The only one exempted from this is Ally, since everyday I talk to her feels like a present. Yeah...that should get me out of a bit of trouble in the future...or at least make her forget that I still haven't sent her present to her... *wink*

I could tell more boring work stories, but I have a feeling I bore you people enough, so today you get a reprieve...carry on.

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Good Job, Krinny! Go with that flow ;)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/07/2003 10:37 PM EST

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