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09/06/2003 Archived Entry: "Overdue Post"

Yeah, I know I don't update as often as you like...oh well, it's my site...you can go get your own site...or design a new layout for yours if you have one.

So yeah, first week of the kids back in school. Wee...damned little monsters. I'm trying to move further and further away from being the main Windows support guy as I really want to get into making other things work. Right now there's a big debate on the Macintosh side of the house on whether or not to allow teachers control over the city laptops (and desktops) they're issued for work use. Long, boring debate for those not into technology, so ask me if you really want to know.

Yeah, I'm tired...so I'm not typing anything more...deal!

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Did Krinny get the car's AC fixed ??
Did Kriiny get the antenna mast replaced ??
Stay tuned folks, Krinny may have some flow to this blog yet ;)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/06/2003 12:48 PM EST

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