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08/31/2003 Archived Entry: "One foot in front of the other"

So anyway, the continuing saga of Krinny, not that the majority of people actually care...

Yes, the A/c on my car remains non-functional. I have taken it to the dealership twice now for repairs, and when I get it back, it works great...but then two days later it goes back to not doing anything. I noticed this time when I was driving from one of the high schools to the toy store and about halfway there (it's a ten mile trip) I notice that despite the fact that my A/C is set as low as it can be, I'm still sweating. So that, regardless of anything else, says to me that it doesn't work like it should. So back to the dealership on Tuesday, though they swear it won't cost anything this time...we'll see.

Also, some punk broke my antenna mast *looks suspiciously in Ally's direction*. Now, I don't so much care about the mast itself as I never listen to the radio per se, but when I turn on the CD player, it raises the mast and it immediately flops over sideways. Bad for many reasons. Since it'll be in for repairs Tuesday anyway, I'll ask if they can fix it or, failing that, disconnect the motor so it won't raise the mast anymore.

On to better things though.

This week I managed to convince my bosses to loan me a 20" flat panel monitor for use in my house. This was an excess from a double-shipped order we decided to keep, so they just inventoried it and let me wander off with it. Made paying too much to get my A/C replaced (evidently) seem to not suck as much. It's a beautiful monitor (for a thousand bucks it better be! but it wasn't my money...hehehe), and really completes the ensemble of equipment here. About the only thing *maybe* missing is a good sound system, but my speakers + subwoofer are still going strong 5 years later, so meh.

Also, at the toy store on the day I noticed the A/C not working, they had the new Cadian boxed army.Now, this is something that isn't supposed to be released for another few weeks (ok, maybe a week...but still! it's an "advanced order" on the GW website), and it contains models that aren't out for the better part of a month, so of course this was a sign from God that I was supposed to get off the fence and get it (I've been shying away from it due to the fact that it includes 40 Cadian Shock Troopers, when I already have 60). The major prizes of this excursion are the limited edition standard bearer (which looks very impressive), the new Heavy Weapons teams (of which I need tons more...wait till almost October though...) and the new Imperial Guard Codex...which actually went a long way to allaying my fears about the excess Guardsmen. Of course, I'll need a damned calculator to figure out how the hell I'm doing troop dispositions now, but I supppose there are worse things. The best part is that I have it and 99% of the US doesn't. Sure, a tempoary feeling, but after the hell I've been through over the past two months, I think this is a fitting conclusion. Of course, now the *real* work starts, but at least I'm not bored I suppose...

That's all for now folks!

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You should send Ally that monitor.. I'd assume it'd look quite nice with the rest of my stuff... and it *is* a Dell, afterall, right? Yes, something like this is best left for Ally... *wink*

And, man, do I hear you on that "HEY! They were supposed to fix the car!" deal. Losers.

Posted by Ally @ 08/31/2003 03:35 PM EST

Off to the toy store ??? Still playing with Dolls Krinny ??

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/01/2003 11:36 AM EST


Posted by Ally @ 09/05/2003 12:23 AM EST

L M A O.......

Posted by Bearclaw @ 09/05/2003 08:44 PM EST

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