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08/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Hell Week"

People suck. I don't think that needs further elaboration.

This has been the week from hell, which isn't that unusual as the week before school starts is normally very busy. This year has been a special case though. Seems some of our newer machines contracted a worm from somewhere and about thursday of last week started to flood the network with useless ping traffic. This, in turn, more or less brought the entire district to a screeching and sudden halt. We put an access list on the routers to filter out the pings, but the ones at the high schools were blocking ping packets at a rate of tens of thousands a SECOND.

As one of two (maybe three) people in the district that knows how all of these system interoperate and how best to combat this worm...guess who got to run around to over a THOUSAND computers to inspect them for evidence of this worm and get rid of them? Yes...yours truly. Not only do I have to remove the worm, I have to FIND it first, which is easy at first, but obviously as the candidate list gets smaller and smaller and there's still hundreds of pings hitting the routers, it gets a bit trickier. Much time spent with Etherpeek at that point. After putting in 50 hours *so far* this week (and I still have a few middle schools to poke through), I'm dead tired and have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

That sums up the week more or less...I've gotten some neat things over the past couple days, but I'd rather discuss them when I'm less tired, so blah...

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Poor Krinny :( 50 hours :( Hey that ONLY 10 hours overtime..heh, heh. Once again....That's whay you get paid THE BIG bucks.

Posted by Bearclaw @ 08/29/2003 08:59 PM EST

Yeah Mr BitchyPants... You get paid to run around like a chicken with your head cut off. So do it with a smile, damnit!!! :D

Posted by Ally @ 08/30/2003 02:55 AM EST

Well Mrs. BitchyPants...*any* amount of bucks is big bucks compared to what your job pays...I'd have a little chat with your employer about that. And, for the record, school system employees are only contracted for 37.5 hours per week (cheap school system, doesn't want to pay for the 2.5 hours a week) so that's actually 13 hours overtime plus whatever this weekend takes. And I really don't make that big of bucks...I *should* but the guberment decided to take most of it (seriously!)

Posted by Krin @ 08/30/2003 06:13 AM EST

A likely story... *suspicious look*

Posted by Ally @ 08/30/2003 11:52 AM EST

You work weekends????? WOW. It's not like you have a life anyway.....:P I havn't worked a weekend in 10 years. Well.....getting the boat set up and driving to the lake IS work...sometimes. NOT!!

Posted by Bearclaw @ 08/30/2003 12:32 PM EST

I don't have a life either *sigh*

Posted by Ally @ 08/31/2003 02:23 AM EST

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