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08/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Constant Chaos!"

So, what's new with you guys? Mmmhmmm....yep...yep...

Me? Eh, I guess things are fairly busy, even if not terribly interesting.

First off, I get to learn how to set up a 3Com Voice-Over-IP Call Processor...with it's 500 page administration guide...wee. But at least it's cool learning new stuff.

I take my CCNA on Tuesday, so hopefully I won't screw it up! I'm taking it now, a month before we're done the curriculum, because the instructor has said that if we passed the exam, we wouldn't have to do any more work in the class save the final (required by Cisco) and we'd still get an A (the logic being that the class is to prepare you for that exam, so if you can pass the exam...you can pass the class no problem). Since there's a case study in there that I really don't have the time to waste doing, well, you get the idea. So this weekend will be a madcap study session! Really! Just like Ally! (which will probably end up being about right if any of you are familiar with her study habits)

My car ended up being very close to $1000 to get repaired. $625 for the A/C which I knew about...but the day before we took it in I heard a weird noise start everytime I touched the brakes. Well, apparently a calliper (don't know if I'm spelling that right) had gotten stuck and the passenger rear tire's brakes no longer existed and it was metal on metal. Fortunately, it'd only been going on for less than a day, so there was no serious damage to the car except the rotors had to be lightly machined. They also put my spare on the front driver side wheel as they said it looked close to a blowout. Just what you want to hear, that your car is a deathtrap in waiting! Especially since just two weeks ago I was driving on roads where I didn't know anybody who could have helped...and brakes failing going downhill in mountain roads with the front tire blowing out...well, that's an ugly picture.

Converse to my car costs, I've been "saving" a goodly bit of money at World's Best. I have picked up two box sets for their old price of $25 dollars (as opposed to $30 which is their current price...God bless the lazy guys who don't go around marking up old inventory). Additionally, my raiding of the store shortly after they open shipments paid massive dividends Thursday when I picked up a whole bunch of stuff. Since UPS lost the packing slip, they didn't have the real prices so he just rang it up as whatever. So in addition to charging a net of seven dollars too little for most of the items, he forgot to ring up the $30 box set! Didn't notice this till I got home and had access to the real prices, but that's cool! So I basically got a bunch of Space Marine escort ships for free! wee! I'm also evidently starting a Chaos Fantasy army, and I already know who's going to be one of the characters in it! It's a combined Hordes of Chaos and Beasts of Chaos, with the leader being a Chaos Warrior. However, the Beastmen contigent, which will be the rank and file "disposable" troops as opposed to the heavily armored Chaos Warriors and Knights, will be lead by the Wargor Bearclaw! Granted, it's a minor role, but the model looks neat! He'd be the one on the right with two axes.

Ummm...yeah, that's enough time wasting! Back to your slave pits!! *cracks whip*

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Sounds like you need to start doing some PMS on the old transport. Planned Maintenence System. Cut way down on repair bills. Save ya lots of $$$. If ya pass the test and get the extra time off. learn how to do a brake job yourself. That alone will save you $ 300 each time ya need to get one. Oh, and do a brake job on your friend's car for $ 200 plus parts. And MAKE some money. Assuming you HAVE friends that is.....

Posted by Bearclaw @ 08/23/2003 08:46 PM EST

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