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08/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Well ain't dis a bitch?"

First, just for the record, I've found the website of the world's biggest dork...but I'm sure most of you have seen it already.

Secondly I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates. This was our last week of the hellish 10 hour days, and between that and recovering from my vacation (yes, I do realize that vacations are supposed to be recovery in and of themselves...but nobody ever said I was smart), I've been fairly tired. That and the fact that very little of real interest happens to me.

I'm sore as all hell from yesterday when we (meaning myself and three co-workers) had to move 15 tons of equipment in 103 degree heat index. We're guessing it's about 15 tons...we had 2 1/2 trips of stuff in a 6 ton truck...and since the springs on the truck were all the way down, seems logical that it was probably full. Needless to say, this sucked all sorts of ass, especially since it messed up plans to make sure these computers were all wiped out before they're auctioned off. C'est la vie I suppose.

As I mentioned, I picked up NCAA 2004 while I was in PA and I find it to be an enjoyable game. However, on Wednesday (after depositing a check a certain midget gave me for stuff she wanted to buy) I picked up NCAA's big brother in Madden 2004. I really like this game, especially the owner options they give you now. The gameplay itself is very frustrating at times though, as Detmer (who has an overall rating of 70) is a better QB than McNabb (who has an overall 97). McNabb wins games, no doubt...but Detmer looks a lot better doing it. For example, McNabb throws interceptions left and right (had one game he threw 5...still won 35-25) while Detmer is rock solid. Difference is that Detmer will never pick up a 3rd and 25 with his legs like McNabb does. Still, an excellent game and a must buy for any football fan.

Games Workshop will be releaseing a game for the Playstation 2 soon (September I believe) so my oft-neglicted PS2 will get a new toy soon. If you like first-person shooters, see the link above...Warhammer 40,000 is one of the most expansive sci-fi universes that isn't beaten to death in the mass-media market (like Star Wars and Star Trek) and it looks like it might be a neat game just in general.

Speaking of Games Workshop, I got in a really neat deal at World's Best. In an effort to boost the number of Chaos Marine armies in the area (they're a little light evidently), they were selling the new Chaos Marine megaforce for 100 (retail price is $140). Now, that doesn't seem like a terrific deal per se, but it includes two units I was planning on adding to the army anyway...namely a biker squadron and some beserkers. Between the marines in the box and the biker squadron, it works out to just under 100, so essentially, I'm getting half a Rhino APC and a Defiler...umm..seige walker (retail 25 and 45 respectively) for free. Of course, there was no posted evidence that they were on sale, it was just marked as 100 bucks (which I wouldn't have seen had I not taken my dad with me to show him the price). Today is also evidently the last day they were doing that, so it was just serendipity.

Anyway, I'm feeling tired of sitting at a keyboard, so I'll be off for now...talk to you all later.

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Yeah, *most* of us ? Meaning all two of us ? 10 hour daze ? WOW !!!! Poor Krinny !!! You should take another vaction to get over this extreme hardship.

Posted by Bearclaw @ 08/17/2003 12:51 PM EST

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