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08/11/2003 Archived Entry: "Home...yay...woo...blah"

Well, I'm back. Just finished a 7 hour, 430 trip from western PA. Nothing beats mountain roads in fog and rain with the 85 degree grade that PA seems to think is fine on these roads. Oh yeah, my A/C doesn't work anymore either...fun. I also didn't have the radio on for some odd reason, which makes that solo trip sooooo much nicer...really....like...yeah. I've been feeling really strange lately...maybe I actually need mental help now...anywho...a quick recap of my vacation:

Wednesday was pretty uneventful, just drove up to my grandmom's and saw family and such. My grandfather turned 80 this past Monday, so that was good that I got to see him. I also saw one of my aunt's and cousin who's birthdays are going to be shortly (they're actually born on the same day...mother and daughter) so that was cool as well. As an unplanned bonus, my brother was in town (from sunny Jamaica) to get his wisdom teeth removed. The only downer was that the person who I was to see for the second leg of the trip began to hint that they may not be available this past weekend like they thought they would be when I made all these plans to see them.

Thursday was kind of blah, as my mom can't leave my grandmother (who had knee surgery on the 28th of July) and my grandfather doesn't do a whole terrible lot anymore and my brother was on painkillers. Still, my brother and I went down to the Willow Grove Mall to get him some shoes and I picked up NCAA Football 2004. It's kind of neat that Richmond (my brother's alma mater) and James Madison (my would-have-been alma mater) are both in this game. They weren't in last year's version. The weekend looked even grimmer as I was told that my friend would be unavailable for most of Friday and half of Saturday, in addition to maybe not being around at all on Sunday, which really sounded like it sucked. Still, to come all that way and turn around halfway there when I don't know when I'll be able to go there again seemed...stupid...well, stupider than going and spending what time they had with them.

My brother and I also went to go see Pirates of the Carribbean Thursday...planning on going to an 8:20 show at the Warrington theater (so sayeth the Internet). So we drive to the theater, passing the "Warrington Township" sign. Get to the theater and after walking up to the counter, some kids try to get into the theater having bought their tickets earlier. However, since they looked like teenagers and were going to a rated R movie (I suppose...didn't see NC-17 movies listed) the ticket guy wanted to see IDs for everybody unless one of them was over 21 (which, to be fair, is what he's supposed to do). However, this left my brother and I standing in line for like four minutes before we get to see the listings and find out they DON'T have an 8:20 show. So we're just like "screw it, that sucks" and start driving back towards my grandmother's down the road the theater is on since we thought there might have another theater. Sure enough, there's another theater...and they DO have an 8:20 show. We weren't paying attention to whether or not there was a sign saying we'd gone into a different township, but really...what company puts two movie theaters on the SAME street? Anyway, despite all of our delays, all we missed was the previews...oh darn oh darn. The movie itself was very good...Johnny Depp's performance was great...and Orlando Bloom did well enough to be enjoyable. Plus, Keira Knightley looks hot...all in all a recommendable movie. (Speaking of movies....August 26! Two Towers!)

Friday went...well, it went. The drive out west was fairly uneventful...and fairly simple. I literally take two roads and I'm there. Got to the destination with no problem, saw my friend long enough to give her a hug and it was off to check into the hotel (minus friend who still had class to go to). Called her later to see if she wanted dinner, but she wasn't in a very good mood having been left alone to clean up the entire dorm for prospective students to come see it in on Saturday (which, in addition to finding out that they needed to do this two days ahead of time, would have made me equally pissed off). I spent much of that night watching Comedy Central and talking to other friends on the phone (Internet cost money to use...phones didn't)...I wasn't in a very good mood either. (In my friend's defense, she did say she was sorry for snapping at me...as she felt a bit better four hours or so later, and I understand...ya know, having to do all that by yourself is a pain, especially when you just got there a week ago.)

Saturday, I woke up early (I haven't been sleeping well lately...) and just kind of wandered around the room for a while. Then it occured to me that I have a CCNA exam soon and I have complete peace and quiet in which to set up and several hours to kill (there's three practice tests I have...of 270, 244 and 288 questions each). So after having a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast/friday's dinner (haven't been eating much lately either...I've probably eaten about as much in the course of the past week as I used to eat in a day, save dinner Sunday) I settled in for a bit of test taking. Scored 100 on the first one (although, I went back on two or three questions that I just didn't read right...I wasn't *really* into taking it, cut me some slack) and scored a 90 on another. By then I'd killed off enough time for the dorm show to be done.

I don't have time enough (or motivation) to talk about everything that went on after I picked up my friend, but suffice to say that it was great to be around her...even if it did seem kind of bleak in the beginning there. Of course, that makes life harder in the long run as I get really attached to her...but that doesn't seem to be the smart course of action, but I don't know if I feel like rambling about that here. Of course, I can almost hear the groans coming from the Deep South...and the sound of "I told you that you're a complete moron..." being polished there as well. But I don't want to go further into that topic...because I'm still working on it.

The drive home, like I said, was long...but otherwise uneventful...except hydroplaning at 60 miles an hour downhill towards a 75 degree turn (which was masterfully handled with nothing more than a "damn...knew that would happen...good thing I moved to the inside of that curve") and some dumbass Jeep not pulling off the road all the way going the other direction on a two-way two lane road and causing a very large dumptruck to swerve right in front of me and drive me into the shoulder. So I got home (thanks to Mr. Ulanti...although he picked one bad moment to not draw the map that caused about ten minutes of swearing and re-orientation)...and I'm not upset like I normally am after seeing my friend, but I don't know if I'm just too tired, or too stressed...or what. I'm hoping I don't get upset like I normally do, especially since I'm absolutely no fun to talk to when I'm like that (unlike normal, when I'm just mostly no fun to talk to).

Ummmm....yeah, that's about it for now. If you want more details, please see me "in person"...or something...

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All that excitment! And ya got paid too? Yee Haw! Glad you had a good vacation!

Posted by Bearclaw @ 08/12/2003 07:31 PM EST

Oh yeah, and, "I told you that you're a complete moron". :\ But hey! Your life, your mistakes *thumbs up*

Posted by Ally @ 08/13/2003 04:15 AM EST

and motherfuck... update!!! damnit! i'm not being entertained here!! *mean face*

Posted by Ally @ 08/14/2003 10:28 PM EST

No Shit, Sherlock! Get with the program !!

Posted by Bearclaw @ 08/16/2003 04:54 PM EST

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