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07/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Yeesh!"

Wow...what a difference six hours makes...

The Network Administrator got news that his sister (or sister-in-law) is very ill and he had to make a trip to Ohio(!) on short notice. As in, I turned around and he was gone and suddenly I'm the Network Admin. Wee.

Soooo, I've been running around trying to get various projects figured out. Been real fun...lemme tell ya. We had to get a double shipment of Dell computers so at first we were like "Oooooh crap!" because that meant all sorts of festivities. Then we talked to the people who buy Dell computers and found out they were ordering more than was double-shipped. So double shipment became really fast shipment...like -8 day shipping! Dell's order system has simply become so advanced that they *know* when you'll be ordering machines and have them there before you even order them. "Hey Dell, we didn't order these computers...." "Oh...you will..." *wink*

Also had to talk to some people about why information wasn't making it's way to us and why things weren't being done that we needed done to do our jobs. We were also miffed that an email asking for those same things three weeks ago had not been responded to. Appears one of the people involved didn't get the email because their mailbox was full while they were on vacation...and the other just didn't read it closely enough to realize that he was supposed to be doing something...joyous. Makes me very glad I'm a net admin now instead of a field tech.

Speaking of, my first major project is getting the warehouse and hooked up to the nearby transportation office using some new 3com Wireless junk. Since I have almost never done any work with wireless, this will be highly entertaining...for someone. Need to grab the bridges tomorrow (learned the hard way that access points don't bridge unless they're made by Apple). That's one neat thing about being the temporary net admin, I don't have to move computers tomorrow...I get to sit ensconsed in my temporary office in my tempoary executive leather chair (which I will get one of mine own...I've been told I get to furnish my workspace with a desk and file cabinets and everything...I'm a real person!). The sucky thing is I now get to work Friday...which would normally be a day off.

Of course, between that and last saturday, I get to take two days without using vacation time...which fit my plans for a trip quite nicely...assuming I'm going to make one. I guess I could take the fact that the days are being provided for me as a sign that this is what I'm supposed to be doing...I suppose. One leg of the trip includes visiting my mom and grandmom (who is recovering from extensive knee surgery) and my grandfather (who turns 80 on Monday). So maybe I should just do it and stop thinking about it...I dunno.

I also get this neat little router doo-hickey that allows network-to-network VPNs. What does that mean to you lay people? Well, it means that this thing will automatically connect to work and allow me to interact with the servers there without ever needing to do more than tell the computer to do something there. Very cool...for those with a lazy streak. What's more, the connection (if I set it up to stay active) is two way, so I can access things on my home computer from work...useful, that. Neat little toy, especially for free, ya know?

Anyway, that's about my day...I'll post more later as it occurs...later taters!

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As you so aptly put it in There.... "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Posted by Ally @ 07/29/2003 10:00 PM EST

Oh and ...

OHIO?!!? That's like... halfway across the planet OMG!!!! OMG!!11


Posted by Ally @ 07/31/2003 08:00 PM EST

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