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07/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Trolling the web"

So...how have your weeks gone so far? It's Hump Day you know!

Figured a mid-week update was in order, don't ask why...I just figured. Now that our readership has increased evidently, I'm just beside myself with glee. Really...I'm actually to the left of where you perceive me to be.

Moving right along, I picked up two CDs yesterday at Target...pronounced "Tar Jhay". One was for my CD player, the other for my computer. So far, I'm satisfied with both.

The music CD was Fallen by Evanescence (which is a word somehow related to disappearing...I looked it up at one point and promptly forgot it). Thus far, I like them. Unlike many bands, who play like they just figured out what music should go where through trial and error, Evanescence's music shows a much greater grasp of how music works. Yes, there are rules to music...it's actually very much of a science (as anyone who's suffered through a music theory course can tell you). Their music can really take you on a harmonic journey, as you can feel yourself carried along with the emotion of the song. Their grasp of this idea is about as good as Metallica's, who I've long maintained are experts on the subject of capturing emotion through melodic means instead of lyrical. Metallica's S&M album illustrates this as an entire symphony is able to almost seamlessly integrate into their music and carry it even further. The thing is that Evanescence is a much younger band than Metallica...heck, Metallica as a group is probably about as old if not older than the band members are. If this is the level of development their music is showing at this stage in their careers, then I'd say it bodes well for the future of this group.

The other CD was a game for my computer called Sea Dogs 2...er...excuse me..."Pirates of the Caribbean." Now, just because it has the same style of interface as Sea Dogs had and includes much of the same terminology and setting does NOT make it Sea Dogs 2...says Pirates of the Caribbean right on the box! Ignore that this game came out of left field nearly fully developed shortly after work on Sea Dogs 2 officially stopped. Also pay no attention to the fact that I don't think it has much (if anything) to do with the movie of the same name since it's an open-ended RPG with all sorts of avenues to explore.

Having said that, it's a very enjoyable game, as most everything by Bethesda Softworks is. You die too readily, but that just illustrates the importance of saves (a hallmark of Sea Dogs) and using your head before your sword and gun. Some of it's a bit hinky (I was fighting skeletons last night) but at least most of the strangeness has some sort of basis for it. In the aforementioned example, I was trying to find a ship full of treasure that had been shipwrecked and these skeletons were the crew trying to defend it from petty thieves. Odd, yes...but at least it's logical in an odd way.

I'm going to go play more of that now, so enjoy all the typos and stuff...proofreading is hard!! Take care!

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I'm sorry, you lost me at "hump day". ;)

Posted by Ally @ 07/25/2003 03:41 PM EST

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