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07/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Well Damnit..."

OK, so today is evidently the day of stupid realizations.

I'm a very hot-blooded person, and by that I refer to the temperature. I always seem to be a few degrees warmer than most people and it takes a lot for me to be cold. This is very nice in the winter, but it sucks giant monkey dong in the summer, especially in "100 degree temperatures plus 100 percent humidity plus working in un-air conditioned buildings" VA. I've always cussed at my fan because the elevation thing doesn't lower enough to make it to the bed at the right angle, just blows air over top of me. I got annoyed enough that I pushed down on it really hard it actually went down the notch to the needed level. It's still hotter than hell, but it's more bearable now. How I did not notice that it wasn't tilted as far down as could be (in like, two years) I'll never know. Hopefully that really WAS a notch and I didn't just smash my fan.

Then I FINALLY got Money to agree with the bank about how much of aforementioned item I have. Seems I'd accidentally added an ATM transaction in June that the bank had no record of. Now, the ONE thing that shows up when it's supposed to is ATM transactions, so a quick click on the delete button and the balances on all my accounts match between the bank and the computer, oh what fun! But since I always refer to Ulanti for my current balances (he knows about all the charges that the bank doesn't know about yet), I feel like I found $40...yay me!

Speaking of money, my stocks have gone down a horrendous amount. Like they've made half to two-thirds as much as they did this time last week. This is a good thing. Why? Because tomorrow (technically) is the day that they take money to buy more shares. When you're buying lower = better. Two of the three stocks are low for the past month, but still higher when last I bought them on the 23rd of June. The third one is about 8 cents below where I bought it at that month. It's also made the least amount of money of the three funds (considering that last bit of information...um...duh?). If this trend continues, then come the end of the year, the investment allocations may have to be re-examined. Until then, I'll give it a chance to turn itself around. The market is kind of flaky right now.

Anyway, I'm going to go listen to music until I finally fall asleep. You crazy kids have fun!

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