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07/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Return of the King"

Well, I suppose I'm back...

I was supposed to have a new job this month, but HR is slower than molasses going uphill in winter, so they haven't gotten my paperwork to me yet...fortunately, I have friends in high places who are going to stomp on people's heads until they do something. Today is also the birthday of my boss...so that should be interesting.

My brother's funeral was quite nice...well, nice for a funeral...I would have much rather preferred to not have need of such events myself. Four priests, not too shabby...and some of his friends drove all the way up from VA and served as his pall bearers. Stuff like that just let's you know that people really cared about him...also makes me realize that they'll probably have to pay bums off the street to carry me. *sigh*

Today is payday...which would be MUCH cooler if I was actually paid what I was supposed to be making, but still a cool deal. Spent the early part of this evening trying to get the books to balance. Ulanti says I have less money than the bank does...so I'll go with his numbers as the bank is a little slow (like four or five days on debit transactions). Money says my net value (Money in bank + retirement + valuable possessions - debt of the plastic variety) is quite high, so that's reassuring. I could easily pay off my loans now and be completely debt-free without affecting my premier status at the bank...so that will probably be August's project when I get the "new money".

Other things going on in my personal life...well, more correctly my friend's life that for some reason is affecting me a bunch. But I'm getting bored with typing now...just wanted to let all my loyal readers (both of them...and that's being generous...) that I was back ok. Check back later.

Replies: 2 Witch Burnings

1. I already knew you were back okay.
2. I *know* what net worth/value is.
3. You're a dork.
4. You let too much affect you. Like an emotional spongecake. Or something.

Posted by Ally @ 07/16/2003 04:30 AM EST

And you titled this entry "Return of the King". Less than nine minus six, you dorkass.

Posted by Ally @ 07/16/2003 04:31 AM EST

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