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07/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Oy..."

Well, things have been...odd.

Most of the past few days really isn't worth remembering...but for there is a viewing tonight and then the funeral up in PA on Friday. When I'll be back, I don't know. Don't know if I'm taking a computer up or not, so this might be the last post for a while.

Figured I'd share one of the few nice-ish stories of the past couple days. My mom watches Crossing Over with John Edward (He's a medium, someone who can converse with the spirits of those who have passed on) a lot...it's on Sci-Fi still (I think) and Fox. And the other day he'd been saying how there are no real coincidences. Random weird things happening are actually our loved ones trying to talk to us so don't just shrug if something strikes you as odd...there's probably a reason you feel that way about what just happened.

So anyway, a few days later...my mom had a whole bunch of jewelry sitting on her bookcase/dresser that she kept meaning to put away but just never seemed to have the motivation to do it, especially now. Also there was a whole bunch of papers and stuff she'd brought up from the living room, a fair number of holiday cards in among them. She'd been meaning to put them where they belong for a while too. Anyway, she decided to do something now that my brother was gone to keep her mind occupied and so she started to take the papers down to go through them. Two cards fell out of this stack of papers and landed on the floor next to each other. The first was one she had given to me and forgot to put in my room when she brought them up, the second was an Easter card from her mother (my grandmom...duh). What did they say?

The first said "Son, you are very special" and the second said "Rejoice! For He has risen today"...even if you don't believe that it's anymore than a coincidence, it's still heartbreaking to think about. But that's my brother, trying to remind us that he's still around when he's needed...I gotta go know, I can barely read what I'm typing...talk to you all later.

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