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07/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Boredom"

So yeah, today kind of blows.

Woke up late, at like 7:04, remember what I said about no middle ground during the summer? Yeah...more of that.

Hurried and got to work at 7:34, which isn't too shabby. Of course, discovered I really didn't need to hurry at all, as we aren't doing a damn thing today. We were SUPPOSED to finish up the room we were in yesterday and move a server at another school to the server room there...between that and the meeting this morning that seemed like a good day.

Well, the guy who's in charge of the server rooms at the various schools had to get the city van he drives serviced, so we wouldn't be able to move the server in the morning. Then, during the meeting, something happened at the school we were at yesterday that severed it's connection to the rest of the city. Now, the things we needed to do at the school involved restarting the machines and having them communicate with servers in the central admin facility. If you can't do that, you're screwed in so many ways. So yeah, nothing could be done there either. All of our other projects are involved affairs that we really don't want to start on while we have other projects still in the middle of being worked on.

Of course, the guy who runs the server rooms has to run over and attend to that, so there's no way we're going to get that server moved now. Thinks it'll be around Tuesday of next week.

The only silver lining is I found out that I get to take a day off since I'll be off on the 4th (which would normally be a work day) due to summer hours. That means I might be able to be off tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday...nothing like 4 day weekends that don't require the use of vacation time, right? Heck, I might even call people just to call them in the middle of the day...but probably not anyone who lives with mean Waffen SS wannabes...and their cop-gossiping brothers due to the aforementioned two factors. *wink* I had pondered taking thursday off before, but it had always seemed like a dumb idea since I would have had Cisco class in the afternoon. However, our instructor suffered from a heart attack yesterday morning so we have no more classes this week. Now it doesn't seem so stupid...for those who are wondering, the instructor is ok, but you don't have a heart attack and teach class the next day either.

Anyway, I'm sure you people are bored to tears now, so I'll stop tormenting you...

QOTD (well, two days ago, but I never shared it): "I know you want to live a life of doing nothing, but sometimes you have to do something" -J Fair...I believe to his g/f...truly, a brave (foolish) man

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