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07/01/2003 Archived Entry: "Of Early Birds and Worms"

Ooooooooooooo! The ever-rare before work post!

This is the time when I hate being on summer schedule, it's really one of those situations where you wake up two hours early, or a half hour late...there's not a real middle ground there.

The other thing I hate about the summer schedule is the cheap bastiches that run the air conditioning in the schools...or I suppose DON'T run the A/C would be a bit more accurate. As soon as kids leave, they shut the whole system down (and when I say that, I mean during the school year too....they'll shut the A/C off at 3PM where my mom works and not turn it on again until 8AM). Now, I do not profess to have any knowledge of power consumption etc., but wouldn't it be easier to air conidition the schools just as a matter of course rather than constantly letting the buildings cool down to then heat back up? Seems like you're making the A/C work extra hard at the beginning when it could just maintain all the time. Doubt anyone has thought to look into that and if they have, they should really publish their findings to show that the school system is saving millions. Somehow, I doubt that.

The major reason I'm mad is that two of the high school server rooms do not have A/C. This defies belief. They won't run the A/C because it means running it for all or at least most of the building (Let's ignore the fact that people actually have to WORK in these buildings during the summer...), So instead of spending a thousand dollars a month on electricity to run the A/C, they'd rather run the risk of frying thirty thousand dollars+ worth of equipment....yes, this is brilliant.

And no, I'm not just bitchy because I had to spend 4 hours in literally 100 degree heat indoors...when I felt how hot the networking equipment was, I was tempted to get some eggs and fry them up....but I didn't have a camera so the moment would have been lost.

So, um...hmmmmm....not a whole lot else has really happened since Sunday. Mmmmmm....nope, not much at all other than my standard feuds with certain people over certain topics (and the award for vagueness goes to....). OH! I'm apparently some form of superman as I'm having in affair with a girl 400 miles away behind her husband's back when he's home most every day....so sayeth the cops the next town over from her. Being as that I've not had the chance to meet her in person (and NOT through lack of trying *cough*) I find that quite the remarkable achievement that she can cheat on her husband with me. Moral issues aside, the fact that I evidently has a 400 mile dick AND the blood to use it is quite reassuring to me. It just sucks when those truckers on the highway run over it....ow!

Anyway, gotta get going to that employment place...I'll talk to you all someday, don't ask when!

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