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06/29/2003 Archived Entry: "Weekend Recap"


Well, Friday was spent pretty much asleep...think I literally slept more that day than I was awake. Didn't get a damned thing I wanted to get done finished either.

I did pick up a new Defiler on Thursday, and it is a really cool model, just don't know if I'll ever get to it at my current rate of painting. The Seer Council won't be released until this week evidently...that's Games Workshop for you! "Yes, this product will be released in late June...in fact, it will be so late into June that many of you will believe it to be July!" I mean, I understand the magazine being wrong, as it's written two months in advance of the releases, but the website being wrong? I mean, come on, is it THAT hard to change a month? If it is, they really need to improve their system.

Had a game saturday against some Dark Eldar. Unlike normal, I choose my army based on what models I liked, rather than my usual method of picking very effective units. The game ended up being a very close draw...as I said to one of my friends earlier, about 86.7% of the army was a grave disappointment. I had six models (SIX!) that did a decent job.

The Predator mowed down Eldar Warriors in droves...think it's gunners accounted for 14 kills, not bad for having it's primary armament shot off in the first turn. The Force Commander really didn't a chance to do a whole heck of a lot, but he brought down a Raider transport with nothing more than a bolter (which is more than most of my anti-tank units did *grumble*grumble*). There was a missile launcher trooper that held out till the end and brought down a Ravager gunship on the last turn (after failing to do the same on the previous three attempts...)...he shined through sheer pluckiness as he should have died twice. Being both plucky and lethal was Veteran Sergeant Marrius...he got gunned down in the first turn, then stood back up (they hit his bionic arm...made him mad)...then he and his squad get driven to the board edge. He's on his own by this point and charges back into the fray and brings down not one but TWO Raiders with his PISTOL. Sure, it's a plasma pistol, but DAMN...think we'll be master-crafting that weapon in the future. The Grey Knight Captain was not as effective as I hoped he would be...his 9 accompanying terminators died shortly after they arrived. The Captain managed to tie up 3 Dark Eldar units in close combat though...which paved the way for the shining role of the Whirlwind artillery. It killed 10 Wyches, 20 some odd Warriors and an Incubi just by lobbing shells in the general direction of the close combat (you're not allowed to target direct-fire weapons at close combat, but you can use guess weapons). Prior to now, the Whirlwind had been a major disappointment...never guessed the ranges right and when I did, it'd always deviate to the point that it'd miss everything entirely. It's performance Saturday may get it a re-evaluation.

I'll post more some time in the future! I swear!! hehehehe...

Replies: 5 Witch Burnings

Oh yeah man, Friday sucked ass!! I mean, yeah, everything I did that way was just soooososososo disappointing. :D

Posted by Ally @ 06/29/2003 04:59 PM EST

There's a way to do things called friday?? WHOA! :P But I heard that Ally was having difficulties with some device in a sleeve, so I imagine it was disappointing. :)

Posted by Krin @ 06/29/2003 05:02 PM EST

Ooooh shush, even *I* make little typos every now and then ;) But yeah, I didnt worry about that thing in a sleeve....... like I said.... self control.

Posted by Ally @ 06/29/2003 05:05 PM EST

Or lack thereof in your case... :) Lub ya!

Posted by Krin @ 06/29/2003 05:20 PM EST

Awwwww :( Lub ya too

Posted by Ally @ 06/30/2003 02:54 AM EST

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