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06/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Into the Eye..."

In the words of sayrah: OY!

Looooooooooooooong day...started bright and early at 6:30. I then got up and went to work...moved a few monitors about, played around with some software. Went to Cisco class, played around with some routers and ACLs. We were done our work at 4:30, the other group was STILL working on the first lab. Remember what I said about the instructor telling me to do nothing? That's why.

After getting off of work at 5, I sprinted over to World's Best Comics for the Eye of Terror Battle Tour from Games Workshop. Why they hell did they have it on a weekday? Because the big multi-national company said so. It was cool though, except I couldn't take anything because it was about 110 degrees plus in my car during the day...probably bad for models. Also, the thing ended at 7, so getting there at 5:45 didn't allow me to get IN the game they were playing with the GW stuff.

I was really just going to get some Special Edition Cadians...of course all the shipments are coming from the UK, and US Customs decided to hold them up, so it'll be next week before we actually GET them, but I ordered 3 blisters (the max). The game itself was kinda neat...the good guys won, convincingly, which is cool. The Chaos army had a cool model that defies description...or at least more than I feel like typing.

The Defiler is an awesome model...I was kind of on the fence about them before, but now I think I'll be picking one up tomorrow along with a new Seer Council for my Eldar. That's actually July's Warhammer spending, but I haven't seen anything for next month that really excites me...famous last words though.

Anyway, I'll post more later...too tired to think...toodles!

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