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06/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Can I get ONE break?"

Gah! As soon as one problem gets solved, another crops up.

Microsoft, in its finite wisdom, apparently has made it so that Windows XP Professional is not compatible with Gigabit Ethernet cards and Active Directory Domains (the only thing that makes managing these schools possible). Why? Depends on who you ask.

Some blame the NIC's startup sequence (which for some unfathomable reason includes a reset as a part of its initialization), most blame the fact that XP's netlogon service wants to do things before they are good and ready to be done...there is also evidently no way to make it behave properly. Who, exactly, thought that this was a good idea? "Let's sacrafice actual operation for a few seconds faster boot-up! People want to get straight to work every morning!" Shit, most of the people I know would love to blame a 20 second computer delay in their getting started on that TPS report...

And if you're setting up Active Directory and major group policies at your house over Gigabit Ethernet...you're psycho...please seal yourself in a padded room.

Blah, I'd just like to SOLVE a problem and not have a HUGE GIGANTIC FUCKING MONSTER rear its ugly head to replace the one just solved. I mean, this is a titanic problem if it can't be resolved. EVERY machine you can buy from Dell has a Gigabit Ethernet NIC...and XP is the system that is recommended. If we go around and install 2000 (which evidently WORKS...fucking morons), that's 118 installs of Win2K. Fuck, XP is 2 years newer than Windows 2000...it should work BETTER, not incredibly WORSE! Way to take the pooch and screw it in the ass...great work there.

I probably wouldn't be AS pissed if the article detailing this problem was dated like...May or even late April on the outside. IT'S FROM FUCKING JANUARY!! None of your multi-million dollar programmers have figured out how to fix this damned problem in FIVE months? Are you TRYING to lose your market? It's not like Gigabit is going away...it's a hell of a lot more common than 64-bit processors which Microsoft has an operating system to interact with...we can focus on something that won't be widespread for another year or two....while we ignore our major product AND one of the more common (actually, most common) network technologies in the world. Brilliant...just fucking brilliant. While we're at it, how about we ask GE to produce lightbulbs that don't work in lamps that run on electricity! Seems to be the accepted business practice now...

I'll email Rusty in the morning and see if he has any brilliant ideas. He's a server engineer with Dell, so if anyone knows a solution, it will be those guys. Dell (hopefully) to the rescue!

It's really funny on TV...the WB has apparently become as stupid as Microsoft...the audio and video is not synced up right...like watching one of those badly dubbed oriental movies except everyone is speaking English. Anyway, off to rant some more...

And if I made any spelling errors...the spelling correction fairy can suck it...as she is well aware of.

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