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06/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Some redemption..."


I'm sure that the spelling correction fairy (a.k.a. - Ally) is as we speak going over this with her freakish and obsessive spell checking...so I'll make extra sure to try and spell everything right. Don't want an unhappy spelling correction fairy...they do mean things...like dey make yer grammer un-right. (translated into the native language of Podunkia) *wink*

So anyway, CompUSA sucks...Veo is ok...and Dell of course rules all. CompUSA actually isn't all bad...but still, I'm mad at them for carrying older items. I bought a little digital camera for Mr. Ulanti, but turns out they had redesigned the camera to make it fit the Dell Axims...something the old camera didn't do. However, CompUSA doesn't have these, they have the older model...so that's why they suck. Veo is ok...yeah, they could have done a better job of distinguishing that there were some differences and only certain cameras will work with certain handhelds, but at least they sent an email saying that they would glady exchange the one I have for the one that works. As my co-worker is fond of saying in such situations, the true measure of a company is what they do when something is wrong. Dell is Dell...they exist in some God-like plane above the comprehension of us mere mortals...really!

Actually, I like Dell because they *normally* care more about making a customer happy than they necessarily do about making a profit. Making a profit is nice, yes...but they understand that a happy customer is more likely to buy from them in the future, which yields even MORE profit. Nice to see at least one company remembers that. Now, I'm not saying Dell is PERFECT, but they're probably one of the best companies out there to work with. Certainly better than a certain un-named computer company with an unhealthy obsession with bovines and in my opinion better than the fruity computer company. Of course, there are days when I find the fruit-based computer company doing better, but in general...Dell rules j00 all! Hehehehehe...people tell me I should ask them about kick-backs since I've sold about a million dollars of Dell products...will need to investigate that.

Ummmmm, other than playing video games, I didn't do much else this weekend other than vary between homicidal rage and crushing depression...the crappiest mood swing ever. This Wednesday is another event at World's Best...since there's some special edition Cadians in the mix, I might have to see about taking time off for this...sad and pathetic, I know...

Anyway, I just finished downloading the ungodly huge file I was waiting for...so I'll have to get back to work now. Toodles and Noodles, Kaboodles!

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Posted by Ally @ 06/23/2003 06:21 PM EST

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