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06/21/2003 Archived Entry: "Saturday Sunshine"

Wow...I'm almost as bad of an updater as Ally is...except she at least had medical problems to blame. Me? Eh, I'm more or less just too lazy.

Of course, this week has been a little too hectic for me to really post very much. Wokring 7:30-5:30 when you've gotten used to 8-4:30 for the past 9 months is trickier than it seems. Usually got home from work this week bone tired...and it was literally work-sleep-work. So let us get to the recap for those who care about such things.

Tuesday we moved out all the Dell computers in the warehouse that we knew had homes (which was really all the new ones but one...which we can't remember where it goes to save our lives). That was 118 computers. How do I know? 236 boxes were moved...each weighing 40 pounds. Simple math says that since I handled about every box to put it on a cart, that's close to 5 tons of equipment moved. Of course, we find out AFTER we've already done a great deal that we were SUPPOSED to be at training for Apple...but hey, we tried. I still think moving 5 tons of equipment with 4 people and 2 carts to 4 schools in 3 trips between 8 and 2 is damned impressive, don't you? Cisco was funny that day as the instructor told me not to do a damn thing but sit there and watch...apparently he's noticed that any group I'm in lets me do the work and they don't learn anything. Since I work so much faster than everyone else, I've been demi-moved up to a low-grade TA. The look on Nam Boy's face when he tried to figure out why I wasn't in a lab group was hilarious.

Wednesday I expected to catch hell for missing the training that we didn't know we were to be at (we knew OF the training, but not of our expected attendance). Surprisingly enough though, not a word was really said about it as our boss had a critical job we needed to do that many people's future employment depended on. It revolved around installing some web-based testing software onto a lab of machines...we also got their server upgraded to 2003 while we there though in hindsight, we should have done the server second (nearly ran out of time). As it was though, the software went in without a problem. I had to take one just to make sure everything would function properly and scored a 480 (out of a possible 500 I'm lead to believe). Only missed 3 questions out of 90, and they were all English...since my mom is an English teacher, it is obviously her fault. *wink*

Thursday was the big day when we got to go to Norfolk and see alllllllll the shiny new toys. I got to see my co-workers GPS for his Ulanti-clone. Very cool if you're EVER going someplace you haven't been before (which with as big as Hampton Roads is, can be quite often...I'm sure some people are stuck doing it on a near daily basis). I might have to look into one of these as I have to drive up to Pennsylvania in August and while I know the general route since I've navigated it many times (Rt.17 to Rt. 301 to I-95 to I-76 to the PA turnpike, etc.) but it's a different kettle of fish when you have to drive up there on your own with nobody looking out for highway markers for you. Of course, someone could come here to go up with me that would elliminate my need for a Ulanti-based navigation system... *cough*

I also want a Dell Laser printer...I don't print a whole hell of a lot, but I want the printer to work the first time when I do tell it to print after letting it rest for 5 or 6 months. Plus, the laser can printer larger things faster, neater, and with less changing of ink than my inkjets. Sure, the toner is like... *cough* three times the cost, but it's three to six thousand pages per cartridge instead of a few hundred...plus they don't dry up since it's already powder. The one I'd want would be $364...which isn't THAT bad for a laser printer. Lord knows, we have laser printers that are measured in thousands of dollars at work, and this one isn't *that* far behind them in capabilties. Well, it can't be networked, but hey...who am I ever going to want to share it with? It's less than Mr. Ulanti, but I don't see it being quite as versatile. Who knows though, gotta order something with that GPS....

Friday was the day I went for the interview for my new job. Might seem a little cocky to say it's "my" new job...but when two out of the three people on the selection commitee tell you it is, it probably is. Now, there might be someone from outside the system who was just awesome, but I doubt it. Won't hear anything from HR about it until July though, and they don't want to tell anyone who they're picking for fear of offending people at bad times (Our network admin AND our DBA will be out of the state next week...one in Florida, the other in California...this could be me in a few years!! Ladies get your bids in now *wink*). Overall the interview went well, and I still fit into my suit, which is always a plus. Really need to get in shape...well, a shape other than spherical.

Anyway, I'm sure you're tired of reading the daily minutae that is my life, so I'm going to go see if they fixed what they broke in Planetside. Take care everybody! And girls: SHOW US YOUR BOOBS! *grin*

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But Allay lubs you no matter *what* shape you're in!! :D

And for monkey's sake, you don't NEED that GPS.... *shakes head and scolds ya*

Posted by Ally @ 06/21/2003 01:19 PM EST

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