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06/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Weekend Update"

Hey hey...

I'm up early as crap, so I figured I'd write a long overdue post. I hate having those dreams that depress the fuck out of you...I had one where I was back in high school, and everything seemed like it was wide open, you know? All sorts of possibilities...new adventures...everything. But then it was like I was looking backwards and knowing that it'd never be that way again...and for some odd reason it made me think that so many of those possibilities were never explored, never even thought about. I think that's why I'm usually unhappy, because it seems like so many great opportunities have slipped by me because I didn't try or didn't speak up...of course, I can think of a few times that I did try and came crashing down in a big ball of fire on top of a peasant village...

Depressing dreams aside, I had a decent enough weekend. Wednesday started my Quest for the Cadians...those new plastics I made reference to many moons ago. Took a damned long time to get a hold of them, but I now have three boxes. They look quite lovely painted up in my color scheme...I shall have to get pictures for you people.

We're also on summer schedule at work now, which is kind of "meh"...you work from 7:30-5:30, but you only work 4 days. Only problem is you're tired as hell when you finish. Now, I luck out a little bit in that Cisco class ends at the point where we're not going to make it back to work in time to do anything productive. To head back to SAC (School Administration Center, for those not into acronyms) at rush hour would probably take about 20-25 minutes...I would know, it's the same route I have to take in the morning. Chances are, we'll get there just in time to pack up, assuming we even get that far with traffic. Seems stupid, no? So there's a silver lining in that I only have to do the horribly long hours on Monday.

Looking ahead, we'll be moving 100+ computers tomorrow...and Thursday we have a "new technology seminar" in Norfolk. What are we going to? Basically a new toy fair thrown by Dell and Microsoft and Intel...hey, it's a free breakfast and lunch...and I don't really have to work that day. Plus, we get to see all the new toys so we know what to blow money on come July 1. Coincidentally, that might be when I start my new job, but I'll tell you guys more about that as I find it out.

Ummmmm.....yeah, think that recaps things nicely....I'm going to try and clear this wave of depression off before I have to go to work. I'll talk to you all later.

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