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06/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Stupid....STUPID people."

Why are people such morons? I mean...really...not knowing everything I can understand, but there are just somethings that should be readily evident.

For example, if you're flying somebody in to train you on something, would you make sure that everything that person needed would be ready? Most of you probably would...especially if you were paying them a bunch of money. Well, some of our people don't think that...didn't start checking around until last week. Now, last week they were more or less told that they could not use classroom labs so long as students were in school. That's key...they didn't say "in the lab"...they said "in the school". Big difference...but these people don't seem to read English well when it doesn't suit them...grrr.

So now they're uppity about having to cancel this training as it's a $200 fee. However, they expect Technology to provide the people to move and then set up the equipment for 2 days and then move the entire setup so they can do their next training somewhere else. They're miffed about a $200 fee for not planning, but expect Technology to fork over $1000 in payroll for the time that we'd be doing this stuff (it'd be 2 days work for three people...so, that's about right). Plus, the equipment they're using (and the labs) aren't even THEIRS. Let's see what is considered more important...training for a system that cost around $40,000...or testing for a system that has cost close to a MILLION dollars (what's cool is, I oversaw the spending of most of that *grin* how many people my age can say they did that?) . Nevermind that the latter group is the group that actually purchased the equipment in question in the first place.

THEN we have the situation of just...lack of spatial relations. We have tables that have CPU holders under the table. Tend to work fairly well. However, the teacher put them on wrong...how can you put a holder on wrong? Attach it to the wrong side of the table leg. Instead of being on the OUTSIDE, where it's out of the way...they're on the INSIDE right about where most people like to keep things under tables...like their knees. I think they did it to make room for the partitions they want to install between the tables...which is idiotic in and of itself. We have tried and failed to make the people who want this understand that the cables have to be pulled OUT of the tables before something can go in between them...the idea that network cables GO somewhere seems to be eluding them.

That ties in to the desicion that my co-worker and I have arrived at, we need to stop looking out for people. If they want to do something stupid, let them do it...sure, we might have a bit more work to do, but hopefully they'll figure out after they fall flat on their faces that maybe we know what we're talking about. And, in fairness, maybe we don't know what we're talking about and everything will turn out fine...either way, we're not going to explain things to them fifty million times and HOPE they comprehend. If it'll work, we'll do it...if it doesn't work, we won't...I'm getting tired of explaining that there are THREE things that MUST be present BEFORE we'll install a computer. Those are 1) Space (you'd think that'd be obvious, but no), 2) Power (again, you'd think...) 3) Network (ok, that one someone might need to be told, but 30+ times?). If those aren't there, we won't do it. Simple enough...

On a slightly happier note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SAYRAH! Of course, I don't think she reads this blog/knows it exists...but, can't have everything. I need to have a discussion with my computers...as all three of them remind of things...my day so far went like this:

Woke up at 1AM -
Desktop: It's Sayrah's birthday!
Me: Thank you Desktop

On the Drive to work-
Mr. Ulanti: It's Sayrah's birthday!
Me: Thank you Mr. Ulanti...I know that...

At work:
Laptop: It's Sayrah's birthday!

Ok, so I just click dismiss and went on with life...but it's like having an electronic wife/mother...just nag nag nag until you remember. But that's all I have time for now...so I'll catch ya'lls later!

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