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06/06/2003 Archived Entry: "The Triumphant Return"

Ahhh, I love Research Days.

Now, I can hear most of you saying "What the FUCK is a Research Day?" so I'll elaborate. I have a co-worker who I work with most everyday. He is part-time and does not work on Fridays. So on Fridays when there really aren't any work orders to play with, I will spend the time reading manuals or tinkering around with development tools or any number of nerdly activities that being in the shop is not very conducive to. Mainly because I want to run and show everybody my latest accomplishments...so I simply make it so nobody is around.

Unfortunately, we usually have some sort of work that must be done on Friday, so Research Days have been fewer and much shorter than they used to be. About a year ago, it was every Friday from April through the end of school and it was usually about 11 or 12 before something REALLY bad happened...sometimes absolutely nothing would happen. Today was a big success though. You can read more about it on the other side of the cut, or just move along quietly.

I got the new Eye of Terror Codex yesterday, as well as the 2nd volume of the Liber Chaotica (Book of Chaos *wink*). The EoT codex has been an interesting read so far...and the campaign promises to be fun. Next thursday the plastic Cadians (not Canadians) are released...and I've been waiting since...ummm...August of 2000 for these, which makes them second only to Space Hulk...which I wanted in 1992-93 and didn't buy until 1999. I lead a sad and pathetic life...of which there is....

I have a friend...for the sake of argument, we'll call her Ally...who has a very smart ass mouth (as anyone who reads my comments can attest). Now, the topic of what to do with the $180 I am owed by the school system came up and of course, the discussion quickly got to my vast collection of toyz. She made the smartass remark that I probably didn't even know what I *had* well enough to go out and get more. So this little off-hand remark from her prompted me to think that with as much as I have, why DON'T I have an accurate accounting? I mean, I know how many points each army is worth, but I really don't know how many models compose that points value. For example, 1000 points of Space Marines may only be 30 or so models...while 1000 points of Vampire Counts might be 80 or more models.

So this prompted me to discover the answer: I'm lazy. To keep an inventory of something that is constantly being increased, it really needs to be electronic....paper gets too messy and too confusing. However, compy is upstairs...80%+ of toyz are downstairs. How do you get them to meet in the middle? Enter....dunh dunh dunh....MR ULANTI! (Didn't I tell you fuckers he was the most useful little thing ever?) *HE* can take a flat Access file back and forth and synchronize them so I can do the inventory AT the toyz and still have it stored on the desktop (and do all sorts of things like make pretty reports and sort them based on all sorts of goodies). There's only one...tiny...problem. Mr. Ulanti has no support for actually INTERACTING with said database. He has it, but it's just some freaky collection of data to him...1s and 0s, and none of them make sense.

This, to a normal person, would be a show-stopping obstacle. However, I am not normal...I AM SUPER GEEK! or something... I downloaded the eMbedded Visual Tools from the Evil Empire and dusted off my Visual Basic skillz (which I haven't used in like...three or four years). After about six hours of cursing, swearing, and "DAMN YOU BASIC...COMPARE!!!"s, Mr. Ulanti now has a form that will *correctly* interact with the database. Of course, there are a few bugs that need to be tweaked out, but used properly...it works A-OK. I couldn't be happier.

Now, I just need to sit down and count all these little things....but after that, I can go "HA-HA" to Miss Smarty Mouth. *wink*

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Posted by Ally @ 06/06/2003 01:35 PM EST

You're damn right. :) But you couldn't do it, so NYAH! :P

Posted by Krin @ 06/06/2003 01:35 PM EST

That's because I don't have the vast array of toyz... though.. a CD and DVD system would be quite nice. And in that respect, no, I cannot do it. :) You win again, Super Geek!

Posted by Ally @ 06/06/2003 01:37 PM EST

BOW BEFORE ME MORTAL :D And yes, if you had a baby Ulanti, such a thing could be developed for your collection...quite easily now that I know how...if only you had a baby Ulanti... :) Or if your sis hadn't blown the money to get you a full-blown Ulanti for your b-day. ;)

Posted by Krin @ 06/06/2003 01:38 PM EST

Yeah no kiddin' right?! She's always messin' up the plans. Damnit. But the lack o' lil Ulanti is hindering the plans... aaaaaaaaaaaaaah damn money -- screws with my plans more than sister and Super Geek put together!

Posted by Ally @ 06/06/2003 01:41 PM EST

But you always said you liked it when I screwed with you...oh wait...you said when I screw you...that with makes a difference, don't it? And if you didn't live with the Gestapo, you might have had a lil Ulanti :P

Posted by Krin @ 06/06/2003 01:47 PM EST

You'll hear no argument from me. *defeated again* :)

Posted by Ally @ 06/06/2003 01:49 PM EST

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