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06/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Trundling along"


Nothing major going on here...just checking in. Getting my resume together for a new job with the school system...so I'll let you know how all that goes. But yeah...busy busy busy.

Bloodmoon, a Morrowind expansion, comes out tomorrow...and I've got my copy reserved already. That game is freaking huge...but it's really cool graphics and a pretty engaging experience. Before you go off and call me dorky for that, I'll draw attention to the fact that our Cisco instructor not only has his copy reserved...he has a character he's been building up in ANTICIPATION of this expansion...so ha! Bigger dorks than me exist!

Ummm...Planetside hangs on by a narrow thread...there's something oddly satisfying about putting shotgun rounds into people's backs and watching them twitch...plus I don't get sent to jail for doing that in PS... *whistles innocently*

I'll post about toyz later...so you've been warned... *grin*

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