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05/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Home from the war"

Oy...what a day...

After teaching Ally how to be a mini-hacker, I decided that I wasn't going to make it to World's Best today...just too rainy and dreary and I didn't feel like going. Got a bit further on the Grey Knights but really the day was spent playing Planetside and tooling around with the handheld.

I sometimes wonder what the hell developers are thinking. Planetside will let players form groups, also known as squads, to better coordinate and such. Used to be that all the kills a squad made gave the full experience credit to everyone, but they decided that was too much...and really, it was. So their solution was that they'd SHARE the experience. They'd take the raw value of the kill, divide it by 10 and then give a bonus based on the number of people in a squad. What this means is that a kill worth 111 points on your own will now get you 12. I mean, what the fuck?? Why would I EVER waste time in a squad? I fought for an hour or two in a squad, got like 500 points off of kills. I said "damn, this is too little"...left the squad and went fighting on my own...I got the same amount in a few minutes. Sheer idioicy.

Then they take out the ability to train and get a few ranks so you can make a decent character because too many people were exploiting it because there's a bug somewhere. The infuriating part? Nearly every beta tester that saw that said "hey, these things still give XP more than once"...I know I personally filed a report about that a week before release...still broken. That's just stupidity by SOE...how did that not get to the top of the list of things to fix? *shakes head*

Don't get me wrong, it's a good game...they just need someone like me on their staff to go "Ok fuckers...did you kill off the one brain cell God gave you??" so they'd stop doing stupid things that make this really good game frustrating. I *like* squads, but I'm not going to play for four times as long to get the same stuff! According to Sony's stats, I've managed to account for 184 kills and participated in 7 base captures with my New Conglomerate character (named GreyKnight...hehehe). That's probably not accurate though, as it also lists me as rank 5, when I'm rank 6. Current NC leader on that server has 670 kills though...so I'm a little out of first. *wink*

I'm sleepy now, and I've babbled about video games long enough to ensure just about no female reader will ever be interested in me, so I'm going to go poke some other stuff for a while.

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