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05/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Same Krinny Time..."

So yeah...been "busy" I suppose.

Cisco class has started again after our long week break between semesters. Changed from Tuesday & Thursday to Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Seems rougher for some odd reason. But since I evidently don't have to make any trips over the summer, it's ok I suppose. Only 8 chapters, which really bugs me. The others had like twice as many...so that probably means these 8 will be very unpleasant.

Work has been kind of ho hum really. Standard problems, and they're really starting to trickle off as teachers care less and less about them. It's a headache trying to make some people understand that their plans have certain ramifications that must be considered BEFORE doing something...but I have a feeling that's a battle that will never really be won.

Ulanti continues to be a source of joy and mirth as I discover yet more things he can do. I have the movie of Clay from Elimination Online dancing about on there and that is great for red lights...really cuts down on road rage. I'm going to be trying AIM on it next, which would just be for fun really...but if I had a wireless router or access point at home...I could talk to you people online from downstairs! That would rock (r0x the b0x0rz for those who know what that means)! Solve the issue of having to paint but wanting to talk to people at the same time. Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

Speaking of painting...didn't get hardly any done this week. Granted, I probably can field a Space Marine army with Grey Knights...I was just hoping to be able to field a pure Grey Knight army. Alas, rainstorms and such did not allow that. I might...MIGHT get lucky and finish them, but I doubt it. It's only about six or seven models that I have to take from a basecoat...but still. Plastic Cadians come out soon and I'm kind of puzzled by what to do about them. I mean, I've been waiting for them for over a year now...but I've got so MANY projects now, I'm not sure adding another 60 models is the way to go. If you've got any thoughts on the matter...the comments button is right there...go ahead...click it...you know you want to.

I'm also happy to say I was there at the birth of a new holiday. You'll find out more about that later....we have automatic holiday dispensers to make... *wink*wink* And in the spirit of reciprocation...LUB YOU TOO ALLAYKINS! Soooo yeah...think that's all for now folks. Take care and don't forget to write!

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