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05/18/2003 Archived Entry: "Takin' a break"

Ahhhh, sunday...

It's been a good...four days now, and I'm still fascinated with Mr. Ulanti. Since some of the masses have been unable to figure out what Mr. Ulanti is through inference and actually reading the site...and as a concession to the unfathomable idea of NEW readers...Mr. Ulanti is a Dell Axim X5 Advanced.

It's soooooo nice having my stuff organized in one place. I mean, really! Yes...it is laziness since I don't do anything else, but it's just damned cool! That whole "can check email with it" and "run the entire network with it" things will no doubt amuse me for a while. Plus the contacts and schedule and money and GAMES are all really cool. *grin* Furthermore, I've discovered I can make programs for it! Yay! Have to play with that this week at work (where we have the software that can do it). Only downside is that I've actually been spending money JUST so I can enter the transaction...of course, it was all stuff I'd have eventually bought ANYWAY...but still!

Think I'm off of PS until the release on the 20th. I dunno if it's worth $13 a month...but I think I'll give the devs till October-ish to prove it. I doubt they'll come out with stuff in May/June as it will be making sure everything still works, but July/August there better be cool stuff dammit!

This saturday there's a Daemonhunters event at World's Best...hopefully I'll finish the 20 or so models for the Grey Knights that I'll need before then. But for now, dinner beckons...toodles!

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Doooooooorkah :D

Posted by Ally @ 05/19/2003 10:25 PM EST

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