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05/13/2003 Archived Entry: "Grrrrrrrrrr"

Normally, you need the government to screw something up. Apparentely, dopey, UPS and the government decided that today was the day for shit to screw up.

Firstly, the network at work was nearly useless as....something really useless. Seems that the city in its finite wisdom had installed a 30 amp circuit in the server room. Well, the breaker finally trips, setting the battery backups in motion. When power gets restored, the UPS's now not only have to keep everything running, they have to recharge their batteries as well. How many amps did it pull with the bare minimum on? 31 amps. The city electricians came in and were like "What the hell...this UPS is rated at 80 amps, why would they put in a 30 amp circuit?" Of course, our DBA had told them when they were designing the building that it was stupid....didn't listen then, look at the results. Naturally, he's doubly upset as it will take them a bunch of time a fix the problem by getting the circuit enlarged. So, you didn't listen, and now you're making his job harder because you didn't listen...I'd be pissed too.

After that, work was ok. Got something we were fiddling with to work properly...now we just need to try it in the real system to make sure it stays working. Kind of boring there right now.

UPS...geez...talk about idiots. They have to have a signature to drop of an order from Dell, which I'm sure Dell makes them do...good sense. BUT, UPS...unlike it's two main competitors of Airborne Express and FedEx...does NOT let you pick up a package unless you have called beforehand AND you can't pick it up until the next day ASSUMING the geniuses remember to pull it off the truck (which is by no means guaranteed). You stand a decent chance of going there and them not having the package in addition to missing a delivery attempt. So I'm going to take some time and wait for the package at home tomorrow. Of course, they had no qualms about leaving the other box of the order...so I have accessories for my handheld, just no handheld.

And the final...crowning...stupidity of the day is dopey. I come home and going through the normal sorting mail, letting dog out, etc. Then I come upstairs and notice it's very quiet...since my computer is off. So I think "hmm....maybe the power blinked out during the day" but no...clocks are off too. Maybe it's my room...no, it's the whole house. Genius boy apparently had not paid the electric bill...I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? PAY THE GODDAMNED BILLS. If you don't make enough money to pay the bills, I think that's telling you something. What makes the whole episode ludicrous is that I could have paid that bill probably hundreds of times over...but the dumbass didn't say anything. So from 3 till 8...no power. Idiocy...of course, being the pragmatist that I am, I took a nap...relying on my subwoofer and printer to awaken me when power was restored. Sure nuff, they did their job.

As a final thought for the day...if you had a broken left foot, would you drive a stick shift?

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