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05/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Hot damn"

So how are all you folks? Really? That good/bad huh? Interesting...

How am I doing? For the moment, I'm kicking ass...though something will no doubt spoil this. The conference yesterday was really cool as that was the day they gave us all of the neat toys. To recap the loot we made off with: 2 pens (one a light-up pen/stylus for a PDA), a notepad, the slides of the presentations we saw (the include a few sections we didn't get to cover), a bag, a shirt, some training CDs, TWO evaluation versions of Windows 2003 Server (one RC2, one more likely Final Release), a few business cards, a few brochure dealies AND....AND a whole 420 page book about Server 2003. Not a bad deal since the whole thing didn't cost us a damn thing outside of gas money. *grin*

While we were there, the Dell rep has a show this weekend somewhere and Dell had shipped him all sorts of shiny new toys to show off. The laptops are really neat, especially the little one that has a docking thingie that holds the CD-ROM and such devices...when you don't need them, you undock it and you have a machne that's like....tiny. They seem much cooler and much more durable than these POS iBooks they give the kids. Sheesh, those things can't survive a three foot fall without smashing the internals to goo. Yeah yeah, you're not SUPPOSED to drop laptops, but it happens...hell, I've dropped my Dell about three times...twice onto a hard tile floor and once onto hard asphalt....tho I might have done that twice now that I think about it) and that sucker keeps chugging. I've broken one of the bay catches, but that's really just a missing spring.

However, the rep also had the coolest little PocketPC. This is light years ahead of my loyal and hard-working Palm Vx that I've had for 2 years now. When you start it up, it gives you a complete summary of both the palm and your activities for the day and you get things like Word and Excel and schtuff. Obviously, I had to have one of these. So I shop around because they're damned expensive and I see for what I'm getting, they're not outrageous. Plus, they have the second highest rating at ZDNet...the con behind the one rated highest? Too expensive and not enough features for the price. So the .4 difference in rating wasn't worth it. Plus, if I don't like it I have a month to return it. I order this last night and Dell has already shipped the Pocket PC itself out to me...should be here Tuesday or Wednesday...that's efficiency. My case and wireless card and charge will be a bit delayed, but they're just neat additions anyway...not REQUIRED to work. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Anyway, I've pissed half this day away already, so I'm off to see the wizard! Talk to you all later.

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