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05/08/2003 Archived Entry: "SONOFA..."

So...here's the deal. God decided he wanted to run an experiment on how well alarm clocks function if he cuts the power to a house. The answer? Not very well at all.

So I wake up at 7:15 to discover that P-Cho had jotted down the wrong address and had gone to the wrong place. Being pragmatic though, he just went on without me. Of course, this leaves me in the position of needing to get to Virginia Beach (to a building I've never been to no less) in forty-five minutes...this is a 40 mile drive, that includes a tunnel which nearly always have bad traffic...at rush hour. Fuuuuuuuuun, right? More or less...actually, I got to the building on the first try at about 8:20, which means I missed the choice of breakfast food and the introductions, but arrived right on time for the actual material. Of course, leaving at 7:25 and arriving at 8:20 left me quite upset as I've left for and arrived at a building in the city I live in at the same times.

The seminar itself was pretty cool. Learned more ways to be laz...er...productive! After tomorrow, I should have a fairly good list of why we need to shell out the 10 G's to get this software, not that they question me anyway, I just want reasons.

Coming back was funny though. I-64 West (at the tunnel mainly) is a nightmare at the best of times, so I didn't really feel like taking it at rush hour. P-Cho and Nammy went that way though. I took I-64 East (which actually heads west at this point...don't think about that too hard or your head will explode) and the Monitor-Merrimac tunnel. Long story (made longer by STUPID rubberneckers....DRIVE YOUR DAMNED CAR!! DON'T STARE AT THE FLASHY LIGHTS YOU RETARDED FUCKS < /delayed road rage >) turned short is that I was back in town before these guys even got to the tunnel...mahvelous.

I'm done with boring recaps of my day...so you can consider this waste of your time concluded.

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