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05/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Oooooooooooooooooooomg"


Gah, we only had four work orders, but then the work order database died so no new work orders could come in. Driving to a school to say "You guys have any problems?" is kind of useless and our teachers will get it in their heads that it's ok to email us/wait for us to come around instead of filing work orders. So, I've pretty much been sitting here all day doing a whole lotta nothin.

See, the bad thing about it is that our shop is not exactly guys you want sitting around with nothing to do. We tend to wander around aimlessly and oogle all the hot chicks that come into the building. There was a mighty fine one today too...but I digress. We can't do anything as we have to update what we've done (mainly so we don't forget). In the shop that's doubly important as they don't want to order parts and they certainly don't want to get the wrong machine with the parts. So, we just, kinda...chill.

Got to talk to a friend I haven't seen in a long time, so that's good. Her life has been a little bit busy, and she's already into things that I don't think I want to think about for a few more years, but...good for her, she seems to have things (relatively) under control.

Yep, really bored and the day's only half over. I'm glad I get to be at training for the next two days...not looking forward to the "leave at 6AM" part though...oh well, free food is free food. I'm going to distract myself some other way now...talk to you all later.

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