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05/06/2003 Archived Entry: "Yawn!"

Yeah, I'm pretty bored right now, so I figured I'd do an update since I meant to do one yesterday and didn't.

I caught up on ol' Vinny's blog, even though he doesn't write long-winded entries like I do (and he has banners! ewwww!) but that's one of the guys I was in a suite with for my year at college. I take pride in the fact that he's called Vinny more or less because I decided it to be so. Conversation went "So yeah Vinny....wait, that's not your name, is it? I'm sorry....what is it really?" and he responded with his "real" name and I said "Mmmm...no, you look like a Vinny" and everyone generally agreed. Hence, he became Vinny.

Nothing really interesting going on. If you want a cool projector, pick up a Dell 3200MP...only $2000, but that's like the coolest projector I've ever seen. Worth the money, go buy me one!

Planetside is getting wiped, meaning any character advancements will cease to be. That's ok I guess, the two characters I played a lot were so similar it's scary. Maybe this time I'll branch out more and try different things. Finally bit the bullet and actually ordered it so I can play once the beta is over. Even if some parts of it have become annoying, I'll give it a good run post-beta (which is expected to crash a lot and be stupid) to see if it's worth hanging onto. Lord knows I've spent more money on things that have occupied me less. Also ordered an expansion for Medieval Total War and the Diablo II battlechest. I really like Diablo II and figure that I should probably give my friend his CDs back, so I'll need to have my own sooner or later.

Anyway, I'll talk to you later.

Replies: 3 Witch Burnings

*goes off to pick you up a projector* waaaaaaaait... wtf are you going to use it for anyway?? It's a pro - jec - tor.... you're weird.

So am I.

Let me get this straight.. Vinny's real name is Derick??? Where's the logic?? Really... where is it? You seem to have misplaced it. You're weird.


Posted by Ally @ 05/06/2003 04:49 PM EST

He looked like a Vinny...you know, like some guy you see walking down the street and you go "'ey! It'sa Vinny!" etc. :P If you've ever MET Vinny, it makes perfect sense because...as I said....he looks like a Vinny.

And what would I use a projector for? *points to wall* see that? Imagine the joy of playing Planetside on a screen that big....mmmmmmmmm.....nothing like 12'x6' monitors to really bring out the detail. *grin*

Posted by Krin @ 05/06/2003 07:39 PM EST

You're weird.

Posted by Ally @ 05/06/2003 10:33 PM EST

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