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05/01/2003 Archived Entry: "So, um....yeah!"

Oooooooooo! The ever rare CISCO post!

Yeah, I'm *technically* in class right now...waiting for the Asian Conspiracy to finish up their performance final. Is there really any reason for me to be here? Not that I know of...other than I didn't feel like sitting at work. *wink* Maybe the instructor will tell me something important that I needed to know.

I got to Level 9 in Curveball! This is a big deal for the shop as I'm the first one of our intrepid band to make it that far. Yes, we do need more to do at work...hehe.

Also got an inadvertant discount on toyz today. I laid out everything I wanted to buy and he rang it up as $88. Well, that didn't sit right in my head, but I didn't mention it because this guy seems to get annoyed when I question him. When I got a long red light though I did the math and came up with $115. Little bit of difference there. Think he forgot to ring up three of the blisters, but hey...they were on the counter in plain sight the whole time, not like I snuck them into the bag or anything. I've overpaid there before, so it'll all even out. They didn't have the box set I was looking for though so blah...oh well, got a month and a half before I *must* find one.

Ooooo! I'm going to get to go to a free Microsoft course next week. Dat's fun (for me)!

Anyway, more on that later....P-Cho is whining for the computer to play curveball. *wink*

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