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04/30/2003 Archived Entry: "Blah..."

So, today has been....mildly...interesting.

I overslept this morning....didn't get to work until almost 9AM. However, Tuesdays and Thursdays the city gets an extra half-hour of work out of me because they won't pay overtime for classes. I don't argue because they could want us to go to classes at six at night or something. So between that and not really taking a lunch break, it's a wash....plus, it's the second time I've overslept in the past 2 1/2 years...not like it's a common occurence. Just too much stuff going on with everything....I really don't want to get into it to protect the guilty, but....yeah. Flash flood is the only thing I can compare that too.

Last night I had ordered a 120GB hard drive and controller card from Best Buy. I've been looking for a new one since I realized I have like, thirty CDs worth of data and like eight or nine (admittedly mediocre) games that aren't even installed. These are games that are ok, and that I could probably get into if I played them more often, but I don't like them enough to hog up limited space. Flip side, I didn't want to REPLACE either of my hard drives....they've both been loyal, and that's *rare* in hard drives anymore. So, this drive has a separate controller, which now gives me 175GBs of hard drive space. My video card's cooling fan was smacking into one of the punch downs which made my computer rattle until I figured out what that was.

However, you know I don't bring up random minutae without a reason. I placed the order for these items last night at BestBuy.com as certain events (see above) prevented me from actually *going* to the store. I told them I wanted to pick up the items from the store in Newport News on Jefferson Blvd. About an hour later, I get an email saying "You can't pick them up, they're unavailable" so I think "well, just ship it 2-3 day" which they can't do b/c that increases the shipping charges and that's not "authorized" which would land them in credit card troubles. So I'm thinking "grrrrrr, guess I'll do that tonight..." when my co-worker (who lives within walking distance) said "They must have done a brisk business in that stuff from this weekend then." With this is mind, I go to Best Buy in Newport News on Jefferson...go to the I/O cards...exact card is sitting on the racks...about five of them. Don't see any hard drives readily, so I ask the attendant. He takes me to their real hard drive section. Just reaches down and hands me the *exact* drive I wanted/ordered, a Seagate 120GB Serial ATA hard drive. How many did they have? Like, a DOZEN. Soooo, they have my card....they have my hard drive....both in ready quantities. Why couldn't I pick them up in the store? Granted, the whole process only took me 10 minutes (less than, that's from parking lot to interstate...so it was more like six or seven) and it didn't alter my plans in any way, it just puzzles me as to why they'd have a feature that doesn't really do anything.

Well, I have a tidbit of work to do now, so you'll have to entertain yourselves for a bit.

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