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04/27/2003 Archived Entry: "Another...exciting....day..."

Soooooooooo, yeah...been a few days, hasn't it? Well, I've been unavoidably detained *cough*Planetside*cough*

Anyway, Thursday saw the Cisco "written" final. I got the second lowest grade in the class...blah. Of course, since there were only two grades our class got (94 and 86) I suppose that also means I got the highest. *grin*

I had a three day weekend, those are always nice. What did I do with this time? Nothing truly productive. When Planetside was down (which was a surprising lot...but eh, it's still beta), I was painting. I figured out that I really only need two more Grey Knight Terminators, but of course it won't stop there. *grin* Got five more of those suckers pretty close to done with three more hot on their heels. I also got the Captain Stern off eBay...woo! I was worried about overpaying for him...but then again, he wasn't released this week. He *might* be released this week (along with other Grey Knight stuff I'm waiting for) but if the UK site is any indication, it might be late May. Oh, the Dreadnought arrived too, so all my eBay work is done. *cheer*

My mom came back from her mother's....oh yay. I know I don't *do* anything when she's gone, but it seems more relaxed when she's away for some reason. I dunno, but dealing with stupid brother's stupidity seemed to put her on edge which makes her difficult to be around. How stupid is my brother? He broke a bone in his foot...four times...months ago. Didn't get it checked out till this week....stupid, especially for a diabetic.

Finally, I cannot say enough about how much fun I'm having with Planetside. It's great, even for n00bs! See, in most games, the more advanced players will just blast the new players to kingdom come and not think twice about it. In Planetside, advanced players really don't do anything better than a brand new one, they can just do more. For example, a level 20 character and a level 1 character both shoot an assault rifle and do the same damage...but the level 20 player in addition to shooting the rifle can probably repair armor, use a rocket launcher, hijack a vehicle, fly a fighter and a dropship AND use a sniper rifle. But, they still do the same amount of damage with all that stuff...really cool.

Command isn't so fun though, they need a way to issue commands that's not as obtuse as the system they have now. Need to play around with that some more though...but I get the feeling that my place will really be in the trenches more than up the ladder. Anyway, I've blathered enough...back to your daily lives!

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