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04/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Chillin'....like the villian....of manilin"

So, what to say, what to say...since there seems to be angry mobs gathering whenever I don't update, I guess I should update more often. I need to minimize the number of angry mobs at my door as per order of the fire marshall, so they gotta go! As for the other four or five mobs...well, hopefully they get hungry and/or bicker among themselves. It's really not the mob I mind, it's just...well, those are perfectly good tomatoes!! That and they never seem to throw them when I have a sandwich in my hand...

Moving on, not a whole hell of a lot to report really. I'm horrible at time management. Now, I'm not bad at it like some people I know when they need to write papers...quite the opposite. I budget too MUCH time for things. Like this week for instance. We drew up a plan to install software in ten labs, examine another bit in an eleventh lab AND work on a fidgety problem in a twelveth. Seems like a full four days of work (we had off on Monday), right? Well, stupid Krinny decides "Ya know, we could make an installer for that one piece I think..." so I spend this morning working on that. I get it to work, and viola! Ten labs done! Ok, so not really...network sucks too badly in three of the labs for the software to be used anyway, but the remainder! And since we've already done the 11th lab...that leaves us with the 12th lab and the final verification of the installer. All in all about 4 hours of work....for the next two days...yeah, I'll be off Friday most likely.

Today was my co-worker's birthday, so I took him (and the DBA and one of the shop monkeys) to lunch at the Thai restaurant. We ordered the "as hot as can be" but it didn't seem as spicy as the "3 star" one I had Saturday. However, a good enough celebration for his 64th birthday...I can't ever think of anything to buy for him as if he wants/needs something, he buys it for himself (which is something I do as well that people complain about). This was the best I could come up with. $43 lunch though, so we're not talking extra cheap! 64...wow...hope I'm doing that good when I'm that old. Just to put this in perspective...in the shop P-Cho (the shop monkey) is the oldest guy, and he's 32. Yeah, he's still going strong at twice that age...which is why I don't really let his quirks get to me...I'll probably be taking my meals from a straw and waving a cane at 50...shoot, I already have no memory and complain about kids... *wink*

Planetside has devoured my very soul...well, what was left after Games Workshop finished munching on it (speaking of...I finished 6 more Grey Knights in Power Armor...bringing the total finished to 16). At first I though "hey yeah, this is a cool game...neat idea..." but then I got that ever critical first kill. See, for the first....two, three hours of playing...I was pretty much everyone else's bitch. I was the cannon fodder to get blown away and raise someone else's level. Then I joined the Terran Republic...they have a rifle with FIFTY rounds...since 30 seems to be not enough for me. After I gunned down that one guy, there was no looking back for me. Even now with their servers up, I know I'll be playing into the wee hours of the morning. The great part of all this is...IT'S FREE! YAY! But yeah...the war beckons...and SpaceWolf *demands* to murder the enemies of the Republic (I also found the key for the knife last night)!

Toodles and Noodles!

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