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04/21/2003 Archived Entry: "Easter: The Aftermath"

It's that time again! Hope you all had a happy Easter. If you didn't, address your complaints to Ally, the Easter Bunny's official Complaints Department (she needed money somehow and *refuses* to take my prostitution or stripper suggestions). It's $15 a complaint (payable through PayPal!) so be aware before you file those complaints...also, there is no guarantee of successful resolution of your complaint. *wink*

So what did I do with my Sunday/Monday? Not a whole heckuva lot. The Easter Bunny gave with both hands, presenting my Chaos fleet with a Planet Killer (very unsubtle name, eh?) and my Grey Knights with a Land Raider. Now, I need to buy some more Boltgun Metal spray paint to get that raider in the right colors. Also, eight more cruisers for the Imperial Navy pulled into dock, so that's happy. One eBayer down, two to go!

I also primered up my Chaos fleet and blacked the bases. Also got the better part of a cruiser painted, looks fairly nice. I even got about six more Grey Knights silver, so now it's just the detail work.

I also got accepted to the Planetside beta. It's part online RPG, part first person-shooter. It's really fun though, as it's a demi-persistent universe (things you do are remembered...but chances are if you leave and come back, stuff you've done might be undone). I was playing that for hours yesterday, and again this morning...but they turned off the servers for maintenance and we're waiting for them to turn them back on. Current time till they're supposed to be up is....negative 2 and half hours. *sigh* It's a really cool game tho, so I don't mind waiting *that* much. Still sucks.

Anyway, I have to take care of a few things so my mom can leave tomorrow. Off to PA for the rest of this week to be with her folks. Yay! So...hope Everybunny had a Hoppy Easter! Later!

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