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04/18/2003 Archived Entry: "So yeah"

Yep, feels like I hardly do any work anymore...the fun of getting near a major break. See, people are lazy...and apparently the people around here are no different. As a general rule, nothing happens on Friday. Of course, that is based solely on the work orders we receive. More likely, Friday is hellish, they just don't tell you until Monday when your work orders magically double. However, with this being a Friday before a week-long break (and back in my day, spring break for the kids was like two days...none of this week garbage...), it would basically take an act of God to get them to put one in. We still got two in before I just said to hell with it...and right on cue one of our teacher's puts on in after everyone has gone. I guess it's better than not putting one in, but it's a little silly to expect people to come running over on a Friday afternoon when you're sure as heck not plannin' on being around when they show up!

Moving on though, this ranks as a most blah day...and by day I mean that past 24 hours I was awake. Yesterday our class was canceled at the last moment (after we were already across the city from where we might be able to work). So we just reviewed a few questions from the various practice exams and then played table soccer for about an hour. My arm hurts now...but as far as work today goes I actually looked at more electrical problems than computer problems. Apparently transportation decided electrical fires are fun yesterday and we had to go make sure the server was ok still (which it is...Dell builds those fuckers to last damnit!) and then to one of the classrooms where somebody had flipped the breaker for the networking equipment in the lab. Boooooooooooooooring.

I did go *all* the way up to Hobbytown and purchased a few more Chaos ships to round out the fleet and actually picked up some brass rods and a drill to put together my Imperial Battleships (which are a pain in the *ass* to assemble) so maybe they'll get done too. I have like three things that are supposed to be coming from eBay that haven't arrived yet...so blah. I will just curl up in a little ball and repeat to myself that it's just b/c of April 15th and all those lazy bastiches who don't do their taxes till the last minute and then flooded the postal service. See what happens when you don't do your taxes early? You inconvenience ME...hang your heads in shame! You know who you are!

Probably going to get my hair cut soon, just don't know what parts or how short. It's too hot to keep all of it (and some parts are *real* annoying), but the fact that it has enough weight that it doesn't stick up like some retarded alfalfa sprout has some merit as well. It's supposed to be reasonably cool through Monday, so I have a few days to ponder. That's about all I can come up with to babble on about, so entertain yourselves until I feel like posting again....because I know you find all this *so* entertaining. *cough*

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I found it to be entertaining at least! *cough cough* Oh, and I've always had a week-long Spring Break -- wtf was up with your schools?? Oh, that's right, I rock, so they had to make the spring break long for me. Yup!

Posted by Ally @ 04/18/2003 03:30 PM EST

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