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04/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Moving along..."

So yeah, not a whole heckuva lot going on...just wanted to confirm that for you peoples. *wink*

Ummm, seriously tho, we got paid today! Yay! And I then turned around and paid off one of my two student loans! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's great! 6000 more to the other loan and I'll be *debt free*...that's such a cool concept, ya know? Ever since I was born I think my family has owed money to someone for something. The concept of not having anything but normal bills....no loans, everything I own being *mine* is just too cool for me to really contemplate. I'm almost tempted to pay of the second loan (as I *have* the money, I just choose not to) but that would take my balance too low to be a Premier member at the bank, so I'll put up with it for a while longer. But I could really get used to this "financial solvency" thing. No credit card balance, only one loan (which was recently pointed out to me *finally* accepts online payments), and a fairly good retirement account going with six months of pay in savings...this is a concept I have absolutely no reference for...really uncharted territory for my family in a way. I mean, like a few weeks ago when I had to pay $600 for my car to be repaired...it wasn't "OMG...how the HELL am I going to come up with this money??" (like I know some people are still forced to endure....merf...) it was just "eh...ok"...even went out and bought 80 bucks of Grey Knights that day...I mean, wow...I never sat down and thought about it before.

Speaking of toyz, I've gone even *more* insane. See, I *love* Battlefleet Gothic (even though I have yet to play a game....merf again). For one, it's cheap (for Games Workshop) and the models look really COOL. The other side is that it's a really well-thought out game. It's not like Warhammer or 40k where you can try to enact some sort of fluid plan and adjust. EVERYTHING moves....so you can't just plan for this turn and the next, you have to think three and four turns down the road. Plus, it's always fun to yell "BRACE FOR IMPACT!" as torpedoes close in on your cruisers. *grin* But at the insistance of the Ally I have started a Chaos fleet (as I have a 10,000 points of Imperial ships plus however many thousands of points of Space Marine ships). Like I don't have *enough* unpainted models, let's get more! BFG tends to be quick to paint, so it's not *as* bad, but still....crazy!

I also picked up a copy of GW's magazine for May while boosting my chaos fleet. There are *no* new releases for Warhammer 40k OR BFG next month. That SUCKS! Well, my wallet will appreciate the sorta break, but still! I console myself with the fact that a big worldwide campaign starts in May.

I also had a rare moment of brilliance today. Somehow the guys I work with think I know everything...maybe the shirt I wear that says "I know everything"...but anyway. We were discussing the large number of people who have gotten sick lately (well wishes to runt and carrot!) and someone as a joke went "Oh no! It's SARS!" Of course, nobody remembers what the acronym *really* stands for so as I was walking over they said, "What's SARS stand for?" and I said, without missing a beat, "Sudden Anal Retention Syndrome". I thought that was hilarious...and then we thought about all the people who get snippy when something isn't done *exactly* the way they want it ("Your signature isn't over the line!" or "You should have written out the date..."). We decided from now on when someone was being stupid about insignificant matters, we will simply say "Oh...I'm sorry....didn't know you suffered from SARS".

Anyway, that's enough off-color humor for one night. I gotta be up early for the big boss! Breakfast meetings are cool except for that "wake up early" bit...Toodles and Noodles!

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