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04/14/2003 Archived Entry: "After the storm"

Now that I have had a chance to rest, I have more interesting stuff to talk about....ok, so nothing I ever do is *interesting*, but I feel like wasting more of your time.

First off, I miss monsoon season now. Yeah, it was dark and wet and bleak...but there was no pollen either! Now, this is puzzling to me. My eyes on any given day are itchy and I'll usually wake up to sneezing fits (like...measured in five and six minutes of non-stop sneezing). Now, this is quite obviously an allergic reaction to the pollen...but, WTF?? I mean, I've lived in this house for like almost five years (I think...) and I'm *fairly* certain there was a spring in all five of those years and I don't remember anything like this. I remember JMU, where my allergies were *hideous*, but there wasn't much about that experience that wasn't hideous...

Moving on, I had to laugh my ass off today at Nam Boy. He's a great guy, don't get me wrong, but I don't think he truly realizes the full scope of what we, as computer techs, can do. See, Nammy (so called b/c he's of Vietnamese descent) started off in this field as a wire puller. Now, that job in many ways is more difficult than being a support tech, as it involves actually DOING something. He kind of shunted over to being a computer tech (as opposed to a network tech). Now, he's learning things about how computers work with what it is he does, but he's kind of behind the power curve on some things (as most of us dyed-in-the-wool computer techs would if we became network techs). However, the most important aspect of our job is the ability to learn. I mean, you can know jack over diddly and be able to do our job *if* you can learn quickly. I guess that's the difference between our Technology department and a lot of other ones. Most places hire skilled people, we hire talented ones.

What is the difference? Well, a skill is something you learn....something you practice and study and work at with determination and discipline. Kind of like if you have a musical instrument and practice and practice and practice to become good at it. Now, talent is something different. Talent is just...an ability to do something. These are rare individuals and some people never discover all of their talents. See, there can be someone who practices an instrument ten hours a day and might *still* not be better than someone who's talented and rarely practices. Is this incredibly frustrating to the person who practices constantly? Yep, but that's the way life is. As for myself, I have a talent for learning...and not just learning but cross-referencing what I know already with what I just learned. That's why I have this seemingly mystical understanding of computers I guess.

But back to our mocking of Nammy. He's working with our transportation department and setting up the Web Query stuff so people can check bus routes via the web (for some reason). Now, this is a project under the control of our DBA (DataBase Administrator for you non-techies) who is an incredibly talented AND skilled individual. However, because he's so good at his job, he is constantly in demand on hundreds of projects. As such he doesn't really work on any but the most critical projects unless you remind him to. So I told Nammy to email him daily until he finished and then joked about how probably annoy the DBA and Nammy would find all his email deleted one of these days. Nammy, trying to be non-chalant, said as long as he had his Yahoo mail, he was fine. I pointed out that our DBA could quite easily keep track of what information he was sending out across the web and could probably very easily get his email password, go in and change it and sign him up for dozens of porn lists to fill up his mailbox so everyone would think he died (since their mails would be returned because he was over quota). Nammy of course thought I was just trying to be cute and scare him...so we walked over to the DBA (with the statement of "Hey C, someone out here doubts your power...") and he not only told Nammy that it was true, he proceeded to show *exactly* how he could do it! The look on Nammy's face was priceless! I guess people never really give much thought to these things, but it was funny....I guess you had to be there...

In other news, I got eight more cruisers to feed my obsession with Battlefleet Gothic! YAY! Also I'm waiting on information to buy a Captain Stern (Grey Knight special character) that isn't supposed to be released for another couple of weeks. We'll see how that goes.

Ummmm....yeah....that's all I can think of...so, talk amongst yourselves until I return!

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