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04/14/2003 Archived Entry: "The Idiot Brigade Rides Again!"

Wow...I used to believe that, in general, users were intelligent enough people, they just didn't understand all the stuff that was going on around them. Ya know, not their fault...they just didn't *know* the stuff b/c it's not their *job* to know it! If they did, I wouldn't have a job! And this is an attitude held by a good number of techs and most *every* user.

Now, having worked in the field for a few years...that is NOT the case. Sure, that applies to some people, the "they don't know but can learn" crowd....but then again, some people actually *deserve* to be on unemployment/welfare. But for every one of those people who fit into that, there's about five or six (or a hundred in the case of welfare) who DON'T fall into this category. Computers really just require basic thinking skills, which I guess is the problem with our schools...they don't teach you to *think*, they teach you to spit back the "right" answer.

But back to my mini-rant...as a for instance, we have teachers who will tell us that Word is not installed on their computers....this one is horribly common occuring probably once or twice a month. Word is a 10MB PROGRAM....what is missing is a 1KB SHORTCUT!! We have *tried* to explain this to NUMEROUS people that these are separate concepts, yet everytime we get the work order "Word is not installed on these computers anymore." GRR! And how many *frickin'* times do we have to explain that "The netlogon service is not running on these machines" is an obtuse way of saying "NETWORK CABLE ISN'T PLUGGED IN!!"?? I must have answered that one about....mmmmm....I don't think they've calculated a number that big. Yes, that is a *stupid* way to say it...but once somebody tells you that this is what it means, why would you ask the same question five times? The answer is still the same!!

I am also fed up with people who drive too slow on the road going home. I understand that the elderly sometimes have problems driving....but if you *must* (meaning you don't feel safe or some such) drive 15 miles under the speed limit on a major road....do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and turn in your license, you're a hazard. Also, if you're stupid enough to try and drink from one of those hug ass coffee mugs while trying to merge onto a 55mph road with a 100 foot merge lane....well, you get the idea....

More ranting to follow...

So anyway, I kind of lied, this is more of a compliment. Now, I'm sure most of you have read my rant about 7th Heaven's blantant anti-smoking propoganda and how it really cheapened itself by trying to be "real". I always laugh when these high and mighty moralists try to explain why something is bad when (most likely) they've never been in a similar situation. It's like taking sex tips from a monk...or learning to drive from a five year old. Why would I listen to some high-and-mighty holier-than-thou BS simply because it's what *you* think is right?

But I digress, Buffy, formerly of the WB as I recall, is much...muuuuuch better. They too had an anti-smoking message in an early episode, but they were much more clever about it. Do they portray smokers unrealistically? No. Do they go off on some tangent about how smoking is "stupid" and so are the people who smoke? No. Do they go off on a judgmental bent and make people feel bad for who they are? No.

How then is this message conveyed? A high school girl sneaks into the boiler room/basement for a smoke. This is a plausible scenario, probably happens a lot of places. As soon as she lights up, some ugly ass monster with a club for a hand comes out of the shadows and beats the crap out of her. While the sounds of this beating are going on off to the side of the camera, they just zoom in on a poster that says "Smoking Kills". Short, sweet, to the point and funny in a twisted sort of way. "Smoke and some six foot tall monster will beat the shit out of you"...that'd be an effective anti-smoking campaign....sure be a lot more convincing than the crap all these advocacy groups throw up.

Anyway, I'm tired now as a certain Ally had me up late last night. *wink* Also, because I promised I would publicly post what is already common knowledge....Ally is a sexxxay, sexxxay beast. *grin*

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