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04/12/2003 Archived Entry: "And so it goes..."

Yeah, not much going on, hence a lack of serious postings.

I am *sick* of that stupid software at the schools. Grrr! Again, it *appears* to be working correctly, we'll see if it *stays* that way.GR!!

Um....my work issued cell phone is in a state of bustification! That sucks but at least it works still....just some annoying things that need to be fixed....like....the inside face is held in place by the case....who's failure to hold the phone caused the bustification in the first place! *sigh* Least I don't have to pay for to be fixed I 'spose.

Stocks are going down...boo hiss! Still making money, but not as much and if this keeps up...I won't be. Blah...it's a good thing I don't *really* care about the money for another....*checks calendar* twenty or thirty years...hehe.

In other news, my toy obsession deepens as I picked up eight more Terminators because....well....they're just so gosh darn cute! Anyway, I have more to cut out and paint now that rainy season seems to be clearing....so I'll talk to you later! Toodles and Noodles, Kaboodles!

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