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04/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Washed out..."

Yay....monsoon continues....merf...

Kind of a boring day at work. We're down to only three work orders and there's not a whole lot to be done about any of them. We're hoping to get rid of one of them over Spring Break, and I *might* get one to go away tomorrow. But yeah, just kind of a tum te tum day.

I made this testing program work at one of the high schools...and this is a program that just baffles me with how stupid the people who wrote it are. Ok, first off, they use a directory off the root of the drive instead of just making temporary files in it's own directory. Now, students really aren't allowed to make too many changes to these computers...mainly b/c when they can they download five tons of crap and waste time and resources. This is not a thought that ever entered into these geniuses heads evidently. So you make this little directory so students can create the temporary files and such and then hide the folder so they can't see it...no big deal right? Well, the programmers of this software...in their finite wisdom...have it so when you run the program, the first thing it does is delete the folder!! OMG! That's like "everytime you start the engine of your car...have it spit out a piston!" How *stupid* can you be? So I have to go around and change it so they can delete what is *in* the folder, but not the folder itself. Not a difficult process, but very annoying.

On the home front, I've decided to start getting the Imperial shipyards cranking out capital ships while the monsoon is limiting painting. I discovered that while I *thought* I had 3 battleships and 3 carriers, I have 4 battleships and only 2 carriers. This has required some re-ordering of the command structure of the fleet and the flagship will now be a Nemesis Fleet Carrier, not the Apocalypse Battleship as planned. Ah well, nothing major...but man this fleet is insane! I have 36 cruiser class ships...that's still a lot! But at least the Gothic's control over the fleet might be broken. I have five of those, more than any other class. It's time for something else! hehe

Ummmmm....yeah, that's about it. IRA funds are going down...boo hiss...as long as they keep goin down until the 23rd and then spark back up, I'll be happy. The Grey Knights should get their reinforcements in terms of heavy weapons this week I *think*...and then it will just be the addition of 10 more Terminators and their Grandmaster. And...oooo! I figured out that my new job that they keep telling me is next to mine (I'll only believe it when I have it in writing of course) should make about half again as much as I do currently. That's nifty! Anyway, off to lay hulls...maybe a girl too *wink*wink* Toodles!

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Sooooooo... how did those "laying a girl" plans go, eh eh? *sticks out tongue* You're crazy!

Posted by Ally @ 04/10/2003 04:23 PM EST

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