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04/08/2003 Archived Entry: "Ennui"

Since work doesn't give me enough to do, I figure I'll rant and rave for a bit while I wait for class time to arrive...hehe.

First, I must say I am damn good at my job. Today I have fixed problems on more than 160 computers...and I really haven't left my desk since 9AM! Amazing what happens when you have a functioning network. I did have four computers that weren't fixed...2 because they weren't on (that helps...and we've *told* them so many times to leave the blasted things on...2 out of 140 actually is a new record for them though) and the other 2 because their network cables didn't go anywhere.

Now, we had the network people look at the EXACT machines that are having problems now and they told us we were crazy. We now had Mr. Ed, the guy who runs the shop and is the school's tech (who isn't too shabby with network stuff), look at it and he said "These wires aren't plugged in and where they go is up top and bundled up in tie wraps." So what that means is that someone playing with them would need to have 1) tie wraps and 2) a very, very good ladder as this thing is mounted up high and the teacher has blocked off access with five tons of crap. The sad part is that it's probably been like this for a month now and the teacher never said anything. Sad, just sad...but the netadmin is kind of...perturbed that the network people are saying one thing and that he's got three techs who have been in that room today saying another. Somewhere along the line, something is getting messed up here.

In other news, I am close to disgusted with "family TV" shows and their writers. They just piss me off...the most recent culprit was 7th Heaven on the WB. Now, I realize that this is a show that's obviously going to try and teach morality, but this...this was just drivel. Normally I don't watch the show, but I was in the middle of doing something for work and didn't feel like changing the channel. The story was, quite blatantly, about smoking. Now again, I'm not advocating smoking, and I'm not disagreeing that in general, smoking isn't the best idea we've come up with. HOWEVER, I'm not going to tell people that they shouldn't TRY smoking if they so desire, as it does provide a relief from stress and occasional change of pace, but at the same time you have to know that smoking three packs a day and craving a cigarette every two minutes is a sign that you have a problem. Everything in moderation.

This show however made me sick. First off, it more or less said "people who smoke are less than human." Just about any mention of smoking was followed by the word "stupid" and it more or less continued on like that. Now, they want to say smoking is bad, then that's their call I suppose, but then two scenes just took away my ability to listen to a word this show said. First, the youngest daughter (Ruthie? I'm not real familiar with the names of the characters) and her friend go to the movies and they afterwards discuss that it's bad to have the "hero" of said movie smoking and drinking because then kids will think that type of behavior is ok and then they'll do it to try and look cool. This in itself isn't a bad thing, b/c it *is* slightly true. Anyway, the kids agree smoking is stupid and move on with life. Fast forward to another scene with them and the boy says he doesn't think smoking is stupid and he does it from time to time with some of his friends. The girl then proceeds to say "I like you, but I don't like smoking and I don't like people who smoke, so I'm not going to hang out with you if you keep smoking" (or something generally to that effect). OMG! I would *smack* my children (making the big assumption that I someday have them) if they ever said something like that. This is teaching children that it's ok to not associate with someone because you don't like what they do.

It's one thing to not want to be around someone WHILE THEY'RE SMOKING...as that poses a definite health risk, but to not associate with them in GENERAL because they smoke? no no no no no...no person on this earth is *any* better than any other person...we're all human, you're not allowed to say what is right for anyone other than yourself. Essentially, you are forcing people to choose between your friendship and something they enjoy, which is simply not right. I realize religion is kind of predicated on the idea that there are people who are "above" others, but that's a bunch of crap. If you're a Christian, you'll notice that Jesus went out of his way to show that he was at the very least the equal of the disciples if not the servant of them (remember, he washed his disciples feet shortly before he was killed...since Easter is coming up for those who know it's about more than bunnies).
THAT is the example he wanted to give us, that we are here to help one another, not judge each other. Sadly, most religion has descended into petty name-calling and judging.

The other scene that pissed me off was when a girl burns down someone's house by leaving a cigarette burning in an ash tray. Ok...1) That must be a VERY crappy ash tray to have started a fire... 2) They portray this girl as a selfish idiot who doesn't care about anyone but themselves, which was in general how they characterize smokers throughout the show. This is just sad because they JUST finished saying that children take their examples from what they see on TV and in movies, and we're teaching them it's ok to hate people because they don't live the same way we choose to live our lives. Garbage...it's just garbage. Ever since Jessica Biehl (sp?) left that show, I've really not been all that interested in it, and it's sad to see how far it's fallen. I'm pretty sure at one point it was a thoughtful show that dealt with serious issues in a reasonable fashion. Now, it's just bunk.

That's my 50 cents...they don't call me a heretic for nothing!

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