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04/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Monsoon Season"

GOOD GOD! I woke up this morning at 7:10, which is 6:10 still by my body's clock, and looked outside and the sky was BLACK. SHEETS of rain, I was walking into the building and I looked like somebody threw a bucket of water on me. Ah well, at least the pollen got washed off my car....probably a few layers of paint too.

So this weekend was actually kind of cool. On Sunday I found this kick ass mod for Battlefield 1942 that turns it into the Coalition Vs. Iraq...man, that's fun! Drive around in an Abrams...hop out and lay waste...great time. Made me go out and buy Road to Rome (the official Expansion) and while I was there, they had a copy of NCAA 2003 for 20 bucks! YAY! My disc was played so much, it just wore out (got tired of losing games 117-0 I guess) and it would be $15 plus shipping to get a replacement from EA...in addition to taking four weeks. Blah, but now I have a disc and it works and my games are all still there....God bless the Xbox. Krinny Kollege Kontinues its Karnage! *grin*

Saturday like I said, I went out with my bro and his g/f to a "gentleman's club" called the Katt. It wasn't a sleazy club and the girls still had the equivalent of a bikini on, but it just didn't do much for me. Any girl that was cute my brother had to ruin (since he was customer of the month this time last year)..."Oh, she's married...I know her husband" or "Why would you have boobs that big if you're a lesbian?" SHUT UP!! I'm having difficulty enjoying this and you're not making it easier!! The place *did* have most excellent cheese fries...which is probably the one redeeming factor. Plus, how many times do you get to chat with a guy named Twinkie? Ok, his name is Jason, but everyone calls him Twinkie...give you an idea, he's been dieting for two months and he's DOWN to 260. The truly sad thing is I go to a strip club, and I come home with toyz....WHAT THE HELL?? I was actually happier about that then I was about watching girls wave their bodies around for four hours... (For those who are wondering, World's Best is literally down the street...I was completely unaware of this... *adds "Good Location" to the benefits of World's Best*

Anyway, I'm wasting city time here, so I'll talk to you all later!

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