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04/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Toolin' Along..."

Ah, tame day at work...gotta love those.

I have my reclassification interview tomorrow, wee. I have no idea what I'm going to say, I just hope I don't end up babbling like an idiot like I do here. What? I don't babble like an idiot? Oh stop! You're too kind...

Anyway, got an invitation to my friend's wedding at the beginning of May. Kind of weird to think about a buddy of mine being tied to the old ball and chain. I mean...geez! Especially this guy, I mean, most of my memories of him somehow involve alcohol...so you get the idea. Now I need to come up with a present and/or a guest. Any suggestions? *wink*

Got an Empire soldier painted up last night but I don't know if i'm sold on the color scheme. It's like Ice Blue and Fortress Grey...but it's just kind of...I dunno. Guess I need to paint up a few ranks to see how it looks en masse.

Moving on, I need to get a few things done for work...and then prepare for that interview, so I'll see if I can post some more later. Until then!

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*ahem* Ooookay... that was wednesday, and what's today?? Saturday... What we have on our hands here, folks, is a genuine NON-UPDATER!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Posted by Ally @ 04/05/2003 10:55 AM EST

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